Death In The Afternoon: Hemingway's Incredible Cocktail Legacy
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You probably have a bottle of Absinthe around if you're a connoisseur of cocktails. This is one of the most entertaining ways to use it: the drink Death in the Afternoon. Death in the Afternoon is a renowned cocktail that is among the many fascinating and occasionally enigmatic concoctions found in the world of mixed drinks. This intriguing drink exudes enigma and charm, having gained popularity because of the legendary author Ernest Hemingway.

Sparkling wine and absinthe combine to create this shimmering green drink, which has a pleasantly unusual flavour. It has a finish of black liquorice and is fizzy. This unusual cocktail is perfect to serve to visitors and was created by writer Ernest Hemingway.

What Is Death In The Afternoon?

The author Ernest Hemingway created the drink Death in the Afternoon, which is prepared with champagne and absinthe. This cocktail's hazy hue is one of its main characteristics. Hemingway actually instructs to "add iced Champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness" in the original recipe. This beverage is occasionally referred to as a Hemingway champagne or cocktail.

Although all that was needed to make the original Death in the Afternoon drink was absinthe and champagne, adding some simple syrup became standard over time.

The History Of Death In The Afternoon

The 1932 novel by Ernest Hemingway of the same name served as the inspiration for the term "Death in the Afternoon". The name of the drink alludes to the passion and excitement of the sport of bullfighting, a topic that intrigued Hemingway and is explored throughout the book. He was well-known for enjoying drinks, particularly those made with absinthe, a strong, anise-flavoured beverage. He also loved to write.

Hemingway's 1935 piece for Esquire magazine marked the public debut of the Death in the Afternoon drink. He encouraged readers to try the cocktail and discover its distinct flavour by including a thorough recipe in his article.

Death In The Afternoon Today

The Death in the Afternoon is a traditional drink that has grown in popularity over time and is loved by cocktail connoisseurs all around the world. Its attraction has been increased by its fascinating name and Hemingway connection.

Death in the Afternoon is more than just a cocktail; it's a sophisticated concoction that embodies a bygone age and serves as a symbol of artistic expression. It is still hailed as evidence of Hemingway's spirit of adventure and his capacity to bring originality to both his writing and his drinking habits. Raise your glass, celebrate the past, and savour Death in the Afternoon—a lethal delight indeed.

Death In The Afternoon Original Recipe


  • 45 ml of absinthe
  • 120 ml chilled or iced champagne


  • Fill a Champagne glass with one jigger of absinthe.
  • Pour in chilled Champagne until the desired opalescent milkiness is achieved.
  • The Death in the Afternoon cocktail should be served right away, ideally when the champagne is still bubbly.