Dahiwali Roti: This Gujarati Breakfast Is Soup Of Curd And Roti
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Much before yogurt started dominating our breakfast table, Indians have been rather fond of starting their day with curd. Dahi Choora of Bihar, Dahi Poha or Maharashtra are good examples of how we have been well-aware of curd’s multifarious benefits. Curd also known as Dahi in many parts of India, is actually an incredible food to have early in the day. In a hot country like India, it helps keep the tummy cool, while ensuring a steady inflow of many nutrients.

Curd is a good source of protein and protein is important for satiety. If you do not eat a wholesome breakfast, you will crave for more in the coming hours, ingesting unnecessary calories. Curd is also an excellent probiotic, which means it is excellent for your gut. A healthy gut is key to improved digestion, immunity and so much more. 

Now coming back to curd in breakfast. While it is common to pair roti and paratha with curd, have you ever tried combining the two in one bowl? Gujarat’s Dahiwali Roti is a fine example of how both go together, as if they were never meant to be apart.  

This soup-style snack is complete, wholesome and oh-so-delish. The best part is that you can make it in no time. All you need to do is combine a cup of curd with a cup of water and mix them both using a  whisk and keep it aside. Then on a tawa, add some mustard seeds, urad dal. 

When the seeds begin to crackle add the torn pieces of chapati and sautee on medium flame. Add in the curd mixture, some turmeric powder, jaggery, chilli powder and salt. . Mix well, lower the flame and stir continuously. Add coriander leaves and cook continuously on medium flame for about two minutes before serving it hot. ‘ 

Dahiwali roti is a hit among both kids and adults. While making the same do ensure that you do not take very small pieces of chapati, as it may dissolve very soon. Make sure the curd and water mixture is mixed well, for you do not want any compromises with the consistency now, do you?