Idli Poha: The Best Of Maharashtra And Chennai On Your Plate
Image Credit: Freepik, Idli Poha

Indian breakfast has long had a reputation for being spicy, greasy and fattening. While yes, we do come from a land that would polish a plate of Chole Bhature and Nihari as early as 9 in the morning, that is not all there is to Indian breakfasts. In a country as vast and diverse as India, you find a range of foods that make our cuisine a truly eclectic fare. Even in a quintessential ‘Indian breakfast’, we have so much to pick and choose from. There are plenty of options for those who like something light too. Take for instance, idlis and poha. Both preparations require bare minimum oil or butter. While Poha, consumed widely in parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh is a lightly tossed breakfast of flattened rice flakes and chopped veggies, that are tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves. They may or may not be topped with sev, onions or gravy. Idli, on the other hand, is a south Indian breakfast staple, which is essentially a steamed rice cake. Small and round in shape, idlis are often paired with sambhar and chutney. Like Pohas, Idlis are also of many kinds. Both are blockbuster breakfast delicacies of India, but have you ever tried combining the goodness of the two?

Presenting, the Idli Poha! The best of Maharashtra and Chennai on one plate. In this idli poha, rice flakes are replaced with chunks of Idli; and instead of sambhar or chutney, you’d find chopped veggies like capsicum and cauliflower, and sev making the dish all the more wholesome.

To make this idli poha, all you need to do is heat some Kadhai and pour some oil. When the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds let it splutter. Add onions, sautee till colour changes to golden. Then add the veggies, and sautee with salt and spices. Make sure you add the tomatoes later as it releases water. Then finally, add the chopped idli and cook for a few minutes. Switch off the heat serve with a sprinkling of sev and peanuts. Since it is a fairly forgiving recipe, you can modify it according to the ingredients available in your pantry.  

Try this recipe soon and let us know how you liked it. Do not forget to share pictures. We are sure that this easy-peasy recipe would definitely please you.