6 Bizarre Maggi Recipes That Have Left Internet Divided
Image Credit: Maggi | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Maggi holds a special place in the heart of the Indians. Whenever people are craving some masala and spicy snacks, maggi is something that can be made in minutes. People never get tired of eating maggi be it in any season. Owing to the extensive love for maggi, people have started experimenting with maggi in recent times.  

However, sometimes these experiments may turn out to be exceptionally good, other times a nightmare. Several viral maggi recipes have proved to be a shock in people’s lives. Recently, a video has gone viral on social media where a cook is seen cooking Dahi Maggi. It is an exceptional recipe made of maggi, some spices, and dahi. Apart from this, there are numerous hilarious combinations experimented with maggi that have left the internet divided. This article provides a list of unusual maggi recipes that people hardly dare to try. Take a look at some of them:  

  • Dahi Maggi  

Maggi is commonly made with spices, veggies, and maggi masala. However, in this recipe , maggi is made with yoghurt or dahi. Here, a bowl of boiled maggi is taken where curd is added along with salt and a cube of butter. Then in hot oil, urad dal, rai, curry leaves, and red chillies are tempered. Then this is added to the boiled maggi and curd mixture. It is mixed well and dahi maggi is ready. 


  • Maggi Stuffed Paratha  

Although people love maggi and paratha all by themselves, combining them into a whole new dish is something that has never been imagined. To make this, the maggi is cooked with coriander leaves, onion, masala, and grated cheese. The filling for the paratha is ready. Then the palm-sized dough is rolled into a flat paratha in which the maggi is filled. The paratha is sealed from all the sizes and then rolled again. It is then cooked in ghee.  

  • Biriyani Maggi  

Biriyani is everyone’s favourite. But what is biriyani maggi that has gone viral on social media? This biriyani maggi is made by chopping the onion first and preparing it for garnishing. Next all the veggies including carrots, french beans, onions, green chillies, coriander leaves, and mint leaves are all chopped. Then in a pan, add oil, garlic, cumin seeds, and bay leaves. Some spice masalas are added followed by chopped veggies along with green peas. Add the maggi noodles and top it with biriyani masala. Mix everything well and put some water allowing the noodles to cook. Garnish the dish with fried onions.   

  • Maggi Katori Chaat  

People have experimented with several types of chaats. But this Maggi katori chaat is something that has gone viral on social media. To make this chaat, boiled maggi is spread on a tea strainer to get the shape of a bowl (katori). The strainer is then put on hot oil to deep fry the noodles. In a separate small bowl chopped veggies are mixed with masalas and a little bit of green chutney. This forms the filling of the katori. This filling is put on the bowl-shaped fried maggi and is topped with curd and sev.  

  • Maggi Burger  

Maggi Burger has surfaced online and has caused a stir in the netizen world. Small portions of cooked maggi are spread on the tawa. The noodles are arranged in two distinct circles and topped with little oil. After toasting the noodle discs on both sides spread pizza sauce on one of them. This is followed by adding cucumber and tomato slices, next, add the patty. Add potato tikki on top of the veggies. Before adding the other piece of toasted maggi to close the burger add some mayonnaise to it.  

  • Dark Chocolate Maggi  

People love chocolates and dark chocolates contribute to several health benefits. However, what with this dark chocolate maggi. This is made by boiling maggi in milk instead of water. Once the maggi comes to a boil, cocoa powder and chocolate sauce are added to it. It is lastly topped with shredded dark chocolate.