But aren’t you bored of having your regular Maggi? Let’s experiment with these noodles and see what all lip-smacking food can be created from it.  

Here are 5 innovative Maggi recipes that you should definitely give a try!  

1. Burger wali Maggi  

This is quite a charmer. Ditch the burger buns when you can make Maggi buns. Yes, that’s right. Cook the Maggi and fry it well with egg to make your top and bottom. Stuff them with meat, veggies and cheese. Make the perfect burger Maggi here!  

2. Samosa wali Maggi  

Aloo and paneer samosas are a thing of the pastHave you tried a cheesy Maggi samosa? Wrapped in a crunchy deep-fried layer of corn flour, stuff Maggi cooked with veggies and lots of cheese. Imagine the cheese pull you’ll get after you dig into it. Find the entire recipe here!

3. Sandwich wali Maggi  

4. Crackers wali Maggi  

This is the easiest Maggi snacks that you can enjoy in the evening. Place some Maggi and baked beans on your crackers to make the boring biscuits tasty.  

5. Cutlet wali Maggi 

Yes, Maggi cutlets are a thing. Make a cutlet batter with boiled noodles, mashed peas, corn and some spices. Make a dough and then twist them into small round balls. Flatten the balls to give them shape and fry the cutlets. Get all the steps right here.  

Try one, and you’ll want to try all.