Cutlet Makeover: Add A Bite Of Protein
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When it comes to organising a get-together, food is always the most crucial consideration. Even though the majority of us set up a massive buffet, snacks always take centre stage. However, one of the things that is difficult to choose is snacks. There are many possibilities for snacks, but it is usually preferable to have something quick and simple. And what could be a better dish to prepare for the gathering than tasty cutlets. The excellent and crispy cutlets never fail to please our palates. The vegetables and ingredients used to make this finger food are versatile. The best aspect is that these are ready really quickly. Additionally, if it has a lot of protein, it absolutely counts as a snack for your table. Here are some high protein cutlet recipes that you must attempt in order to enjoy its goodness.

Chickpea Cutlet

Simply mix cooked potatoes, mashed chickpeas, seasonings, and some vegetables into the dough to make this dish. Roundels should then be made and deep-fried. It won't take long to be prepared. Enjoy it while drinking your evening tea.

Image credit: Pexels

Even though this cutlet may seem strange, we promise that it will leave a lasting effect on your taste senses and mind. The wonderful thing about this snack is that it may help you lose weight. You may pan-fry these cutlets instead of deep-frying them and serve them with any dip!

Rajma Cutlet

Rajma has long been a staple in curries and chaats. We do, however, have a twist, make rajma cutlets to add. They are easy to make and nutrient-rich. Try it right now.

Chicken Cutlet

Who does not adore a tasty chicken dish? The ideal appetiser to kick off your celebration are these tasty cutlets! You can bake them at a high temperature until they are crisp rather than deep-frying them to make them crispy.

Mix Veg Cutlets

Have any leftover vegetables? Put them in the oven to bake after mixing them with mashed potatoes. The simplest cutlet recipe is this one. Not even additional ingredients are needed. With a few simple ingredients, this meal will be ready quickly.

 Try these protein-rich cutlets for your snack time and relish them with a delicious hung curd dip


1/2 kg curd



Garlic powder



Tie the curd to a thin muslin cloth, and hang it over the sink for at least 30 minutes to allow the water to drain out completely. Put hanging curd into a grinder once it has reached the desired thickness. Add oregano, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. For approximately 5–10 seconds, grind. The delectable dip is prepared! Before grinding, you can improvise by adding jalapenos, olives, or sautéed bell peppers to the dip. When you introduce your kids to this nutritious dip, they will choose it over ketchup which contains a lot of preservatives.