Cucumber To Imli: 6 Refreshing Chutneys For This Summer
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Making a flavourful chutney at home goes a long way. One can pair it with different types of flatbreads and snacks, like bread pakodas and even use it as a dip for chips. Chutneys, unlike a lot of Indian dishes, are pretty easy to make. Most of the chutneys prepared in India rely on the use of a single primary ingredient and seasoning it with different types of Indian spices. Because of the vast culinary landscape of India, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing chutneys. 

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However, one must always make careful decisions when it comes to their diet, especially during the summer. For summers, one must always make healthy choices by choosing chutneys made from ingredients that are good for the gut. This is not just a way of elevating regular meals but also ensuring proper digestion and the well-being of the gut. Here are some summer-friendly and cooling chutneys that one can try.

* Cucumber Chutney

Cucumber chutney is a South Indian-style chutney and is a very unique way of using the different flavours and textures of a cucumber. It can be paired with different types of snacks, like vadda, idli and even dosa. One can use different types of spices, such as garam masala, cumin seed powder, turmeric, red chilli powder, curry leaves, and many other things, to make it delicious. Not only is this chutney scrumptious but it also has an irresistible aroma. Eating cucumber during the summer is very healthy, as it has a high water content and keeps the body hydrated.

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* Aam ki Launji

Mangoes are one of the favourite fruits of people not just in India but around the world as well. People in India like to use mango to make a lot of different types of dishes. One such creative way of using mangoes is to make a tangy mango chutney from green mangoes.

Green mangoes are popular for their cooling effects and have been used in India for ages for treating heat-related exhaustion. A mango chutney is made by using some other friendly ingredients like fennel seeds, cumin seeds, and curry leaves. One doesn't have to use any kind of refined sugar or highly potent spices to make this chutney.

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* Imli Chutney

Imli chutney is one of the most mainstream chutneys in India and is a classic choice when one cannot decide on what chutney to make. It is such a versatile condiment that it can be paired with almost anything, from pakoras to dahi bhallas. It can also be added to jal-jeera and imli sharbat. It is simply made by taking the Imli pulp, jaggery, a little bit of water and fennel seeds to make a thick chutney. One can adjust the consistency as per their preference by watching out for the amount of water that is added.

* Coconut Chutney

Coconut chutney is a South Indian favourite condiment that has also become popular in the rest of India. The primary ingredient used to make these chutneys is shredded coconut, which is very healthy during the summer season. One can also add some fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, mustard seeds and peanuts to the chutney to make it more delicious. 

This chutney is not at all spicy and is considered good for the stomach as it is made from healthy ingredients only. One can also add some mint and coriander leaves for that extra hint of freshness.

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* Pudina Chutney

Pudina chutney is something that most Indians must have tried at least once in their lives. This is an extremely safe and classic option and can be paired with different types of snakes. As it is primarily made from coriander leaves and mint leaves, it has a very refreshing and light taste.

The freshness of this chutney is what makes it stand out among the others. Other ingredients that are added to this chutney include ginger, garlic, red chilli powder, and some green chillies, along with salt. One has to simply put all the ingredients in a blender along with a little bit of water to make this chutney within five minutes.

* Kacha Kola Bata

Kacha kola bata is a Bengali chutney that is made from the peels of raw bananas and helps keep the stomach healthy during the changing season. The consistency of this chutney is like that of a thick paste. It is made by creating a thick paste from the peels of raw bananas by first washing them and then cooking them in a pressure cooker.

Once the peel becomes soft, after being cooked in the pressure cooker, they're blended with green chillies, garlic cloves, salt, and a little bit of lime juice. For tempering, one has to prepare a mixture of mustard, oil, red chillies, and some nigella seeds that is first heated and then poured over the banana peel mixture.