Create The Perfect Ambience For A Sundowner With These Tips
Image Credit: Unsplash

A sundowner party, as the name suggests, is planned in such a way that the brilliant colours of the setting sun coupled with a stunning cocktail is all you need to make it memorable. The summers are a great time to unwind and let your hair down after a week of working hard. Along with an interesting mix of drinks and food pairings, making some decor alternatives would create a calming, relaxed vibe at your gathering, playing into the overall theme of the evening by immediately engulfing your guests with a very comforting feeling that is a welcome on a breezy, cool evening.

Outdoor Venue Setting

That a sundowner party has to be outdoors is a given, and yet where you host this evening is crucial in creating the perfect ambience for your party. While gardens and patios are quintessential spaces for evening gatherings, get more inventive with your venue and try hosting on a rooftop instead. Safety issues permitting, you can take guests up onto the roof to watch the sun set on your metropolis as they sip on stunning aperitifs. This is the perfect outdoor option especially when your house has a terrace or your apartment has a roof large enough to accommodate an intimate gathering.

Sunset Viewing Deck

Since a sundowner party is about watching the brilliant sun set on the horizon, you can designate a particular area in the outdoors from where you can get the best view of the twilight falling on any given evening. Gather all your guests to this sunset viewing area from where you can see the bright reds, yellows, oranges and slightly grey and purple hues of the evening, fall from the sky.

Comfy Seating

For a sundowner party where guests would want to chill on recliners, lounge chairs and chaise lounges, make sure you haul all comfy seating from your home or store room into the garden or up on the roof, depending on where you decide to host your evening. Have lots of blankets, throws and small pillows handy in case the night gets nippy.

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Soft Lighting

When your guests arrive at your sundowner party, adding soft lighting that slowly illuminates the venue after the sun sets and gets darker is a great way to keep up the mood. Instead of switching on harsh lights all at once, have layered lighting and begin with fairy lights, then some floor lamps and lastly switch on warm yellow bulbs that cast a soft glow on those gathered.

Warm Tones

While planning decor ideas, stick to warm tones like reds and oranges that resonate with the shades of the setting sun to keep up with the overall mood of the party. This will ensure that you can create a relaxed vibe because the twilight spreading onto your evening will reflect similar calming colours. You can lay out purple pillows, warm brown and reddish rugs and deep, dark coloured chairs that reflect this cosy, warm atmosphere.