Creamy Buttery-Egg Sandwich: Lighten up the Evening Snack Time
Image Credit: Egg Sandwich/ megumaru925

More than 80% of people devour bread and eggs every day in the morning. Sandwiches have become the most preferred go-to breakfast or snack at every home on the way to school, office or next stop. They are popularly served in cafes too! Sandwiches are also consumed happily as an evening snack. Usually, snack time is considered as the best time where a person gets to chill with oneself. And nothing can be better than spending time at the balcony of your home eating delicious egg sandwiches and watching the sunset. This Egg Sandwich is one such iconic snack out there. The tasty evening snack indulges eggs in a fluffy butter mix, seasoned with salt pepper only, which is then spread onto the bread slices. This creamy-buttery-egg slathered between two slices of bread is perhaps the most satisfying and filling treat during lazy or tight schedules. Every flavour in between is seasoned with a perfect amount of salt, pepper, and buttery flavour along with wholewheat bread never lets anyone down. They are creamy, salty, and mouth-watering. They are soft enough to gorb without much chewing. Hence, they are iconic.

The Egg Sandwich made its debut during World War II as the on-the-go breakfast for busy employees. However, the snack finds its first published recipe in a 1896 book titled, The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. They are easy to prepare without any hassle. And it is no surprise that they call for less time as well as  ingredients dominating the other types of meals.

Cooking Time – 20 minutes


1. 2 Eggs 

2. 30 gm Butter (softened)

3. ¼ teaspoon Pepper (freshly crushed)

4. 2 gm Salt

5. Whole wheat Bread slices


1. In a pressure cooker, put the eggs and water together. Allow the eggs to boil. Drain excess water.

2. Peel the eggs and set aside.

3. Now, cut the softened butter into evenly sized cubes. 

4. Add the butter cubes into a large mixing bowl. Stir the butter vigorously by using a whisker to form a palish yellow coloured smooth or frothy mixture. 

5. Beating until it becomes light and fluffy leads to preparing airy and mouth-melting sandwiches.

6. Now, take a chopping tray and finely chop the boiled eggs. Add the egg pieces into the butter.

7. Now add in the required salt and pepper. Focus on the seasoning as it is important and the only flavouring in the snack. Make sure to use the freshly crushed pepper.

8. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to form a combined creamy egg-butter spreading.

9. Take one bread slice and layer it evenly and amply with the creamy buttery egg filling. Now place the other slice on the top.

10. Continue the process and make more sandwiches as no one is going to resist it.

11. Cut the sandwiches in triangular or rectangular halves. You can even trim the edges.

12. Serve and enjoy!

Savour the Egg Sandwiches with any sauce of your choice alongside coffee or masala tea. Or savour the delicious treat when the cravings ring in at 12 noon or 12 midnight!