Want Something Soupy? Try 5 Vegetable Soups For Weight Loss

Losing weight could be an absolute aim for some people. While working out at gym, some do intermittent fasting. Some stop eating their favourite diet while some have a diet free of carbs and fat. If you have tried all the possible ways to lose those extra kilos and got nothing but disappointment, there is one more way to achieve the body of your dreams. And believe me, a weight loss diet doesn’t have to be boring and bland every time. Why don’t you try delicious and healthy vegetable soups. 

Video credits: Dr Shikha Singh/YouTube

Vegetable soups are light and highly nutritious. They have the goodness of veggies and can be savoured for lunch or for dinner. The presence of vegetables makes these soups high in fiber, thus making them perfect for weight loss. These soups are high in minerals, vitamins and so many essential nutrients. If you are keen to lose those extra kilos that you’ve put on, here are 5 vegetable soups that you can try. 

Tomato Soup 

Yes, your basic tomato soup is good for weight loss too. If some studies are to be believed, lycopene present in tomatoes acts as a shield against metabolic disorders. With added cucumber and capsicum, its nutritional increases to a great extent. While cucumber is also low in calories, capsicum can help in regulating the appetite. 

Dal Soup 

Lentils are, hands down, the healthiest things you can ever have. Made up of plant protein, dals have high protein and fiber content. Consumption of dal soup can help in building lean muscle mass and can also help in weight loss.  

Peas Soup 

Peas are extremely beneficial for eyes, and we all know that. Did you know that peas can promote weight loss too? As per some studies, peas comprise of pectin fiber which can help in quick weight reduction. You can make peas soup with just a few basic ingredients. 

Cabbage-Carrot Vegetable Soup 

Having a soup packed with the goodness of vegetables like cabbage and carrot can never disappoint you. Made with carrot, cabbage and other vegetables like tomatoes and olive, this vegetable soup can help you lose that belly fat. You can add spices as per your choice and make this healthy soup delicious too. 

Mushroom Soup 

Mushrooms have high protein content. They also contain so many vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. If some studies are to be believed, mushrooms reduce weight and also provide the right nutrients to the body. 

Try including these soups in your diet and let us know if they worked for you!