Neena Gupta's Mango Toast Recipe Is A Must-Try For
Image Credit: Instagram

Bollywood veteran Neena Gupta recently shared a photo on Instagram that has mango lovers buzzing with excitement. The actress posted a picture of her unique mango snack - mangoes over toasted bread. As Neena Gupta knows, everyone eagerly awaits mango season each summer to indulge in this sweet, juicy tropical fruit. Mangoes are a warm weather treat, with many delicious varieties like Alphonso, Haden, and more. Everyone has their preferred way of eating mangoes - plain, with a squeeze of lime, or sprinkled with chilli powder. However, Neena Gupta's inspired mango toast gives it a new way to appreciate this flavourful fruit. Neena Gupta's unique mango toast snack shows us that there are still new ways to enjoy this beloved fruit. Her elegant yet simple preparation lets the rich, sweet mango flavor shine while adding a pleasant textural contrast. 

Image Credit: Instagram

The caption reads, "Mango on toast, try it", encouraging her followers to recreate this simple yet novel mango recipe. Combining mangoes with toast is an innovative way to enjoy this summer's special fruit, and Neena Gupta's post has likely inspired many to toast up bread and top it with fresh mangoes for a sweet and savoury snack. This easy yet quirky mango recipe will allow you to experience new textures and flavours from this familiar fruit.

Just like the famous actress Neena Gupta, if you, too, are a mango lover, you are always seeking new ways to enjoy mangos. Try out these fun recipes:

Mango Mash: 

Take a slightly soft, ripe mango. Apply some pressure to mash it, and start squeezing and rolling it. Cut the top off the mango and then pour out the pulp and juice. It's like drinking a mango smoothie with nothing but pure mango flavour. 

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Mango Icepops: 

Slice and cut the mango in a blender, and make a puree. Pour into ice cube trays, stick in a popsicle stick or toothpick, and freeze. Let it freeze for 3-4 hours. And just like that, your Mango ice pops are ready. 

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Mango Bites: 

Cut big and thick slices of mango. Take some mini cookie cutters of your preferred shape and cut out the pieces. Put them in a tray and let it freeze for a few hours before serving it. 

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Mango with Tajin: 

Sprinkle a dash (or more) of chile lime seasoning on ripe or medium-ripe mango slices for a delish, sweet, and spicy snack combo.

Mango Splash:

Fresh, bright yellow/orange mangoes give any meal some color. Drizzle mango puree over grilled or sautéed chicken or fish. Toss mango chunks into a fruit salad or a green salad.

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Mango Maniac: 

Mix chopped mango with vanilla frozen yoghurt. Scoop into a ball, top with mango puree, and garnish with chunks skewered on toothpicks.

If you, too, are a mango lover looking for fun new ways to enjoy this luscious fruit, try out mango Toast and other recipes. With so many options, every mango lover can find a perfect recipe!