Craving Lemon Curd This Summer? Check Out These FAQs
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you have a sweet tooth, you must have come across a dessert with lemon curd as one of its ingredients. Even though you liked the zesty taste of it, you might have wondered what exactly lemon curd is. How is lemon curd even made? What other desserts or dishes can you use it in? And so on.

Well, to answer the most frequently asked questions about lemon curd, this is the perfect read for you. Whether you want to level up your scones or get a tangy flavour in between the layers of your cake, lemon curd can do it all. So, why don’t you wear your chef’s hat, learn about this savoury addition and get cooking?

What Is Lemon Curd?

Lemon curd is a custard-like filling that can grace many desserts by being a bright-yellow-coloured zesty addition. The citrus spread can be made with simple ingredients like eggs, sugar, lemon juice, and butter. It has a creamy texture which can soothe the palate and satisfy your sweet tooth by accompanying your favourite dessert.

Is It Difficult To Make Lemon Curd?

Not at all! The process of making lemon curd is really simple, and if you’re following the recipe correctly, it’ll only require an hour. All you need to keep in mind is the heat and constant stirring to get the perfect lemon curd.

How Can You Make Lemon Curd?

If you want to make lemon curd at home, you’ll be required to whisk together some eggs and sugar. After the mixture is fluffy, you can add lemon juice to add the tangy flavour profile. Now, cook this mixture on low flame till the eggs thicken and form a curd-like texture. Then, mix in some butter till you get the desired consistency, and you’re done. All that’s left is to eat as is or spread the lemon curd on a dessert.

In What Ways Can Lemon Curd Be Used?

After you have made the finger-licking lemon curd, you can use it as a filling or a spread for a lot of desserts. For example, you can use it as a zesty filling in tarts, pies, pastries, and cupcakes. You can also spread it on your usual desserts like pancakes, waffles, scones, etc. Some people also like to swirl it into yoghurt or ice creams and enjoy a tangy flavour. And if you want to just enjoy the lemon curd as a whole, you can pair it with your favourite cookies and relish them.

How Long Does Lemon Curd Last?

Homemade lemon curd can last easily for two to four weeks. You can also maximise its shelf life by storing it in an air-tight container and refrigerating it while you’re not using the prepared lemon curd. If you need to expand the shelf life further, you can freeze it, and its taste will remain for up to three months.