Craving Homemade Burgers? Try These 7 Types Of Patties

A popular and adaptable dish, a burger consists of a ground meat or plant-based patty within a bun with a variety of toppings and sauces on top. With a taste that combines savoury and occasionally smokey notes, the texture can be moist and succulent or crisp and burnt, depending on how it is prepared.

A burger's flavour and taste are greatly influenced by the patties that are used. A chicken patty has a stronger, more delicate flavour, whereas a vegetable patty has a milder flavour. Vegetable patties add an earthy, plant-based flavour. Speciality patties provide distinct flavours, such as those with extra fillings or spices. The seasoning, garnishes, and cooking technique all add to the overall flavour character.

Here are some varieties of patty that will give a different texture and taste to your burger:

1. Chicken Patty: 

A burger with chicken patties adds a unique flavour and texture to the burger. Compared to beef patties, chicken patties have a milder flavour due to their lean and delicate texture. The meaty texture is still tender and has a juiciness. Because of its adaptability, the flavour goes well with a wide range of toppings and sauces. A chicken patty burger, whether fried, grilled, or spiced, appeals to individuals looking for a healthier option with a flavorful, savoury taste that goes well with a variety of dishes.

Video Credit: YouTube/ Chef Ranveer Brar

2. Vegetable Patty: 

A burger with a veggie patty offers a delicious change in flavour and texture. Made from a blend of grains, legumes, and veggies, the patty has a satisfyingly soft texture along with a flavorful, earthy taste. The combination of herbs and spices intensifies the savoury flavour profile, resulting in a savoury and umami-rich bite. Vegetable patties are incredibly customisable due to their versatility, which makes them a tasty option for plant-based diets and vegetarians who are looking for a lighter option. It's a tasty blend that turns the traditional burger into a masterpiece enhanced with vegetables.

3. Paneer Patty: 

A burger is transformed when a paneer patty is added, resulting in a deliciously unique taste and texture. The mild, creamy flavour of the paneer cheese, which is versatile in Indian cuisine, is enhanced by the patty's soft, crumbly structure. A paneer burger, adorned with flavorful spices and herbs, provides a gratifying and aromatic bite. It's a tasty alternative for vegetarians and those looking for a distinctive take on the traditional burger because of the contrast between the soft paneer and the crispy bun, which adds to the overall flavour.

4. Chickpea Patty: 

The rich, nutty flavour of a Chickpea Patty Burger offers a delicious taste variation. Made from mashed chickpeas, the patty has a delightful texture that is both crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Chickpeas' earthy tones blend well with herbs and spices to produce a flavorful and well-balanced dish. This plant-based substitute enhances the overall flavour profile when combined with new toppings and sauces, providing a satisfying and healthy burger choice that suits a variety of dietary needs.

5. Salmon Patty: 

A salmon burger's distinct seafood flare offers a unique variation in flavour. Made with either canned or fresh salmon, the salmon patty has a somewhat sweet, marine flavour and a distinctly rich, flaky texture. Its savoury depth is enhanced by the infusion of herbs and spices throughout the entire burger experience. When paired with complimentary toppings such as avocado or mayo, the burger transforms into a well-balanced combination of tastes. The omega-3 fatty acids in the salmon patties not only provide the burger more nourishment, but it also turns it into a fine dining experience.

6. Hamburger Patty: 

The hamburger patty burger takes a traditional flavour and elevates it. The perfectly seasoned beef patty provides a juicy and flavorful bite. It has a delicious texture that combines a crispy outside with a tender, juicy within. Every taste is enhanced with the classic toppings of lettuce, tomato, and cheese, which create a symphony of flavours. This burger showcases the classic appeal of a well-crafted hamburger patty burger with an improved taste and pleasant texture, transforming the everyday into an amazing culinary experience.

7. Corn Patty: 

A Corn Patty Burger's earthy and sweet flavour profile adds a delicious variation. The texture of the corn patty, which is frequently combined with herbs and spices, is distinct; it is crispy on the outside and soft inside. Savoury toppings work well with corn's sweetness to create a harmonious flavour profile. This burger offers a more refreshing and lighter choice, making it ideal for vegetarians looking for something with a touch of natural sweetness. The flavour and texture of the corn patty highlight the adaptability of plant-based ingredients and make for a tasty and fulfilling burger.