A bowlful of warm halwa flecked with kesar and almond slivers can mean only one thing— sheer indulgence. It’s time to stock up the pantry with the tubs of ghee, a variety of dry fruits and make space for full-fat milk in the fridge. Now, onto the recipes:

Gajar ka halwa

YouTuber Sanjyot Keer’s video on gajrela—Punjabi for gajar ka halwa—uses the season’s juiciest red carrots. He says there’s no need for mawa as milk on slow boil will add enough creaminess and texture. There’s very little that can go wrong when a Punjabi chef shares a step-by-step guide for a seasonal delicacy.

Lauki halwa

Tarla Dalal is the original queen of cookbooks released in the nineties, and later she ruled YouTube. Her dishes have a large fan following, as she shares quick tricks and time-saving hacks. This recipe of lauki or doodhi ka halwa is no different; it’s a sweet surprise that you can whip up for unannounced guests without breaking a sweat.

Gond ka halwa

With crunchy fox nuts, sticky Gond, and a whole lot of dry fruits, this halwa is a mouthful of deliciousness. It’s a winter favourite in North India and most homes make it in large quantities to last a few weeks. For an extra kick of flavour, add a smidgen of white pepper.

Badam Halwa

If carrots are unavailable, there’s another ingredient to soothe your halwa craving. Grind some almonds to a smooth paste with milk. Let it cook in ghee and more milk, add some saffron and, within 30 minutes, almond halwa is ready to be served.