Cramosa: The Latest Crossover Food to Amuse Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Twitter @priyal

Indian cuisine is famous for its stuffed, crunchy snacks packed with spices, nuts, veggies and more. Talk of a satisfying snack-time, and we’ll think of pakodas, kachoris and samosas. But that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t experiment more. In fact, we have a knack for experimenting with dishes and giving a desi twist to dishes inspired by other cuisines. Haven’t you tried desi Chinese delicacies yet? Our spin to chilli potatoes, chow mein and momos have definitely become more popular in India than the original. And let’s just agree that they are so amazing! However, not all crossover dishes become successful or are liked by foodies. But if not for their taste or look, they may catch the attention of netizens online for their bizarre experiment!  

For instance, recently an eatery at Delhi airport has experimented with a pastry of Austrian origin and moulded it into a desi snack, called ‘Cramosa’. Rings a bell? Well, a Cramosa is simply a crossover between a croissant and a samosa. For the unversed, croissant is a light, flaky pastry that gets its name for its crescent shape. Its buttery taste and fluffy texture make many of us go gaga over it. On the other hand, samosa is a triangle-shaped desi snack that is crispy and flaky from the outside with a soft, potato-pea and spices stuffing inside. 

A mix of these two is amusing the internet. The crossover snack Cramosa is priced at ₹170 (exclusive of taxes). ‘Samosa Croissant with mint dip’ said the description of the snack in the image.  Take a look:

A Twitter user has shared its image and everyone appears to be either curious or just confused by it. A person described the idea behind Cramosa as “innovation at its finest”. Another gave the attempt a “10/10”, saying he would try it. Some also referred to the high price of the snack.


Meanwhile, if you missed our humble aloo samosa, you can fry it at home without much effort with our simple recipe right here

After all, samosas are one of the most loved tea-time snacks across the country. Not only at home, samosas are also popular street food and available in most parts of the country with many different fillings. From matar ka samosas to paneer and classic aloo samosas, there is a huge variety available. Did you know samosa doesn’t have Indian origin, and that originally it didn’t have aloo but meat filling? With time, however, the snack has evolved and some people have innovated with the filling with other mouth-watering ingredients. 

What did you think of the Cramosa? Let us know.