Corn Riblets: Enjoy The Fun Way Of Snacking
Image Credit: Corn Riblets

It's time for cooks to assemble because we have the quickest and simplest method for making corn ribs. This recipe is for anyone who enjoys a fantastic barbecue with friends and family but is unclear how to prepare delicious ribs that are also vegan. We all experience the chilly weather when monsoon season arrives, which means it's soon time to start frying, grilling, or barbecuing and prepare these vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free corn ribs. Everyone must be as excited about it as we are. Not only that, but all you need to create it is corn on the cob, a decent knife, and seasonings. 

What Are Corn Riblets?  

If you're still unclear, corn can be used in place of ribs. Well, that makes you eat it similarly to the original because of how it looks and how you would hold the tiny corn strips. It tastes like deliciously spiced corn, not meat, but it's still quite cool and entertaining. 

Corn ribs are just pieces of corn on the cob that have been fried or baked in an oven with spices to give them a delicious flavour. Very fast, simple, and wonderful. They also go by the name corn ribs.  Because they are simpler to eat than conventional corn on the cob, they are known as corn ribs. Because you may apply herbs and spices to a lot more corn surface when cooking riblets than when cooking corn on the cob, cooked riblets are also much more delicious. This ensures that every bite of corn riblet will be flavorful and well-seasoned. 

Because the corn may be spiced anyway you like, this recipe for corn ribs is quite adaptable. Even the traditional Mexican street corn dish, which includes a little (vegan) cheese and chipotle, can be used with it. You can modify it however you like and create your own own corn ribs. If you're wondering why you should bake corn ribs, it's just good to have a tasty treat that makes us think of summer. 



Olive oil  

Ground coriander 


Garlic powder  



A razor-sharp knife is required. Because cob is hard, you'll need a firm, stable surface as well as a highly sharp knife. Make riblets out of the corn by cutting it into strips, but use great care. The best way to chop it into riblets is to do so vertically, but you can also discover a method that works for you. 

Set the oven's temperature to 180 C or 350 F. You can also use an air fryer if you have one. Add the herbs and spices after drizzling a little olive oil over the corn ribs. Make sure the riblets are completely covered by mixing the ingredients thoroughly with your hands. Place them on a baking sheet coated with parchment paper. They should be baked for 25 to 30 minutes in the centre of the oven, until the corn is thoroughly cooked. Happy Snacking!