Cooking With Rose Petals And Their Benefits
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Roses may look beautiful in bushes and vases but also have the potential to make any dish they are added to more appealing. Cuisines like Persian are characterised by an abundant use of rose petals, especially when it comes to salads. Outside of Persian cuisine, Turkish delight is an example of a rose-flavoured sweet treat. They can be sprinkled on cakes or brewed as tea. Rose petals contribute to the flavour of dishes and also add a delicate aroma. 

Rose water, which is also used in cooking, mostly uses Damask roses, which are a particularly fragrant variety of the flower. Before selecting rose petals that are to be used in the kitchen, it is important to make sure that the roses have not been treated with pesticides or any other chemicals. 

The best time to pick roses from your own garden or wild roses is the mid-morning. Ideally, they must be harvested after the morning dew has disappeared but before the heat of the afternoon sets in. Before cooking, make sure to clip the small white portion at the bottom of the rose petal. The white part is bitter in taste and may overwhelm your dish. Before use, wash the rose petals gently and let them dry on a kitchen towel. 

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If the recipe you are going to prepare needs fresh rose petals, it’s advisable to use them within two hours of plucking them from the flower. To prevent rose petals from wilting, they may be stored in a refrigerator for up to a week. To dry rose petals, a dehydrator may be used or they can simply be laid out in the sun. Dried rose petals should be stored in a sealed glass jar and kept in a cool, dry place. 

A few examples of cooking with rose petals include rose tea, other rose-infused beverages like rose lemonade, making salads and using rose petals as a flavouring or garnish, and using rose water to flavour dishes like sponge cake. 

Some benefits of rose petals are:

They have a calming aroma

The scent of rose petals can help soothe the mind. While they are used extensively in aromatherapy, the culinary use of rose petals can also contribute to alleviating stress, especially when they are brewed as tea. Boil some water and infuse it with dried rose petals for a relaxing drink.

They can soothe a sore throat

Thanks to the antioxidants present in rose petals, they can help relieve a sore throat. Rose petals may be combined with other ingredients like mint leaves and honey to brew a cup of tasty tea that is soothing for when you have a sore throat. Since rose petals have a delicate flavour, they won’t irritate your throat further. 

They can boost a sluggish liver

For those who have been diagnosed with a congested and overworked liver, rose petals can be the ingredient required to stimulate the organ. The antioxidant and decongestant properties of rose petals will ensure that your liver continues to function smoothly.