Cooking Tips: How To Make Fried Rice In Just 10 Minutes

Rice is definitely one of the comfort foods for many. Be it as a bowl of khichdi, dal-chawal, pulao, biryani or even kheer, rice somehow tends to make our meals better. No wonder every Indian household has at least one rice-based dish in one of their meals. Be it in south India. North India or part of Bengal, rice is definitely one indispensable part of an Indian kitchen. And while we have a plethora of options to choose from- rajma chawal, kadi chawal, an array of different biryanis, lemon rice, curd rice, and so much more, there’s another rice dish that may not be authentic Indian but is much loved nevertheless - fried rice. 

The Asian dish which is tossed in a host of herbs, spices, meat or veggies along with zesty sauces, is perhaps the best way to spruce up an ordinary bowl of rice. The best part about fried rice is that to cook it at home, it has just one rule - fry the rice and jazz it up the way you want. You can experiment with soy sauce, type of veggies, meat chunks, eggs and so much more - you can add whatever you want to the recipe and the result would most certainly be the way you want- absolutely delicious. And while almost all of us must have tried making fried rice at home, a lot of times, we fail to achieve that perfect flavour that we get to savour at restaurants. However, what if we tell you that you can now get the same taste and flavour at home too? All you need to do is use just a few star ingredients that our easy recipe suggests? 

Our recipe of vegetable fried rice is fairly simple and involves just about six ingredients and just 10 minutes. Yes, that’s right. You can have a whole meal of fried rice for yourself and the family in just 10 minutes and a handful of ingredients. While this is a vegetarian fried rice recipe, you can play around the ingredients for a chicken or egg one.  

All you need for this recipe is to saute zucchini, carrot, and celery in olive oil. Season it with pepper and salt, add scrambled eggs and cook till done. Now you just need some cooked rice and soy sauce to add into the mix and toss well until it is all coated well. Voila! Your fried rice is ready to be devoured. You can also substitute the veggies. Don’t like zucchini? Don’t use it. Love spring onions? Throw in! The best part is you can pair your fried rice with something like chicken in hot sauce or enjoy as is. With veggies, eggs or meat, it’s a complete meal in itself. Don’t you agree? 

Find the full recipe of veg fried rice here. Try it at home and share your experience with us.