Appam is a popular South Indian pancake which is a staple breakfast dish in many Indian households. These thin, soft and spongy pancakes are made with fermented rice batter. Several ingredients like rice flour, freshly grated coconut, yeast, coconut milk and salt are mixed together to whip up a batter which is then gently spread on a pan and cooked until it turns soft and fluffy. This delicious South Indian dish is typically served with a bowl of chutney, mutton or chicken curry. Appams are prepared in the same manner as a dosa. It’s always the batter that plays an important role in both the dishes as it decides the ultimate texture and taste. So without further ado, here are three tips and tricks that will help you get soft and spongy appams at home.

1. Use good quality rice flour 

Using a good-quality rice flour is key to soft and spongy appams. Most south Indian dishes such as idli, dosa and puttu are made from rice flour, the same goes for appam. Making your appams with rice flour will bring out the authentic taste you desire.   

2. The batter must be of medium consistency 

Always remember that the consistency of the batter should neither be too thick nor too thin. It can be similar to a dosa batter but slightly thinner than that. Make sure to add water accordingly. Leave the batter to ferment for at least 30 minutes or an hour even if you are using an instant mix. This helps the batter gain tiny pores or air pockets. After the batter is ready and well-fermented,  whisk it well, make sure you have no lump. 

3. Use coconut milk for softness

Another trick that will help you in getting soft and fluffy appams at home is by combining coconut milk along with freshly grated coconut. Most people prefer to use grated coconut over coconut milk but it's always better to use both.

So are you ready to make this yummy South Indian pancake at home? Check out the full recipe by tapping here