Cooking Pasta Without Boiling? Netizens Are Confused
Image Credit: Cooking pasta without boiling

Cooking is one elaborate process with many steps, techniques, and ingredients involved. Be it cooking a vegetable or making pasta, it involves chopping, slicing, sautéing, mixing, and boiling as some of the commonly used methods of cooking. Boiling is one step that is especially one of the most basic and simple, yet essential steps of cooking. From potatoes to rice to dals and corn to pasta, everything needs to be boiled in hot water before we start cooking them. 

Pasta, for instance, requires this process due to which it adds flavour. But in a latest viral trend, in a bid to make the process of cooking pasta easier, bloggers have come up with a new technique- to give up the process of boiling entirely. Believe it or not, videos on the internet show pasta being cooked in milk or cream directly. Take a look at how it started:

First shared by Twitter user @whitest_injera, the post has gone viral and received over 35k likes. “The trend where people make pasta without boiling it and just throwing it into the oven with milk and cheese will be the end of us,” he wrote in his post. Replying to him in the comments, many people shared videos of pasta being cooked by adding it directly to milk or cream. Although this bizarre technique saves the time of boiling pasta, it hasn’t been revealed if the pasta actually gets cooked properly or not. 

 However, a lot of chefs, food enthusiasts, and home cooks quashed this new trend of no-cook pasta. Sharing their reactions in the comments section of the viral tweet, they said how this shouldn’t be a trend at all. “I really don’t know why this is a trend,” wrote one user, while another said, “These people are not gonna make it through life, it’s not that hard to boil water!”.

Another user said, “Literally like, pasta is the easiest thing to cook, and they can’t even do that?”. “That should be considered a crime,” added another. Take a look at the reactions to the post:

Would you try this bizarre new trend of not boiling pasta and cooking it straight away? Let us know.