Cook These Brown Rice Recipes For A Healthy Meal

Brown rice typically wins over white rice in discussions comparing the two types of grains since it is the healthier option. A grain rich in beneficial vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is brown rice. In addition, the fibre in this grain helps you feel fuller between meals, which can help you control your weight loss. With advantages like these, introducing brown rice into your diet seems like a wise move. Despite the many advantages of brown rice, eating it plain all the time seems monotonous and exhausting. Even while the grain tastes fine on its own, you can still include it into recipes for delicious and healthy dishes. You can now have a filling dinner in a variety of ways while also benefiting from weight loss. We've got you covered if you're not a culinary pro and are stuck for ideas. 

Brown Rice Onion Pilaf 

Brown rice pilaf that is deliciously prepared with caramelised onions and a touch of cinnamon. This well-known brown rice recipe is certain to please your palate. Impress your loved ones and friends with your culinary prowess by preparing it for lunch or dinner. 

Mushroom Brown Rice 

Brown rice is a better choice for rice than white rice since it includes more fibre. The dish is enhanced by the delicious flavour of the mushrooms. The overall dish's nutritional value is improved with the addition of mushrooms. 


This quick, healthful dish is ideal to bring for lunch or a picnic because it combines brown rice, capers, chopped olives, mixed veggies, and fresh lemon juice. Enjoy! Add juicy tuna fillets on top.

Chicken Schezwan Rice 

Don't we just adore Chinese and Indian food? To make this meal healthier, use brown basmati rice in place of ordinary rice. It is certain to be a filling supper because it is packed with chicken, prawns, and a variety of vegetables. 

Mutton Khichda 

Rice, lentils, mutton, and spices are the ingredients used to make mutton khichda. In this case, brown basmati rice can be used in place of white rice. Usually, it is cooked for big events like Eid. 

Brown Rice Salad 

Tired of meal preparation? You may likely order a rice salad, which is simple to prepare and creates a filling supper. With bell peppers, spring onions, tomatoes, and a dressing of lemon, garlic, and olive oil, brown rice is tossed. 

Use the recipes above the next time you want to prepare some rice meals and swap out the white rice for brown rice.