Companies Growing And Selling Mushrooms Have Sprung Up Across India

If the terms oyster, portobello, porcini, cremini, shiitake, chanterelle and enoki get you feeling hungry, you’re probably a mushroom enthusiast. The fleshy, edible fungi are known for their umami taste, which comes from the presence of an amino acid called glutamate. Umami is the fifth taste besides salty, sweet, sour and bitter, and mushrooms are high on it. Some mushrooms are even known to have medicinal properties. Mushrooms are classified as neither plants nor animals and emerge from spores or spawns instead of seeds. India contributes to only 2% of the world’s mushroom production, as opposed to China, which contributes to 75%. However, the production of mushrooms within India increased 29 times in 2018 to 4,87,000 metric tonnes from 17,100 metric tonnes in 2013-14 as per government data. This growth can be attributed to more demand as people became aware of the different varieties of mushrooms and restaurants introduced more mushroom dishes. As chefs increasingly incorporate mushrooms into their dishes, foragers and entrepreneurs have capitalised on this to start companies that sell mushrooms. Previously an untapped market, mushroom farming has slowly become a lucrative business. Some Indian companies that grow and sell mushrooms are:

1. Biobritte

ISO and FSSAI certified, Biobritte exports mushrooms worldwide. It was founded by Parimal Udgave in 2016. Biobritte started contract farming with local mushroom farmers to be able to meet the need of bulk orders. Their specialties include shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Biobritte call themselves India’s top mushroom company and are currently the only Indian company to supply mushrooms worldwide from Jaysingpur in Maharashtra.

2. Indus Mushrooms

Indus Mushrooms supplies mushrooms to states across India and even to countries like Singapore, Dubai and Maldives. They specialise in oyster and button mushrooms. Indus Mushrooms was founded by Nilima Morabkar and is based in Pune. Morabkar comes with a training in mushroom cultivation and spawn production. The company also has other experts like Peter Gray, who come with extensive experience.

3. The Mushroom Company

The Mushroom Company in Mumbai was founded by Rohhaan Gawde. They produce varieties like shiitake and porcini, among others. The company has three facilities in Pune, Nagpur and Lonavala and the mushrooms are grown organically. Gawde has also been selling mushroom growing kits, which are meant for people who don’t know how to use mushrooms, either in cooking or for their medicinal properties.

4. Shroomery

Founded by Sumit Sharan, Shroomery grows and delivers mushrooms across Delhi and the NCR region. They call themselves an urban farm and produce varieties like cremini, porcini and chanterelles, among others. Shroomery also supplies its mushrooms to restaurants in Delhi. Besides mushrooms, Shroomery has been experimental and created different recipes with mushrooms. Their ‘shroom hummus’ became very popular.