Common Cooking Mistakes That You Should Rectify

Whether we are beginners or professional chefs, we all have one thing in common. We do make a lot of mistakes in the kitchen. Be it our hectic lifestyle or the lack of time, we often stay in a hurry as it is really not possible for us to stay in the kitchen for a longer time. But what we overlook are some blunders that actually can impact our health. Let us know about the common mistakes that we all make in the kitchen and how we can avoid many of these mistakes that may have been affecting the nutritional level of our food.

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Mistake 1: Keeping Fresh Goods Open

We all know that exposing food to moisture can kill the nutrients in the food and make it prone to many bacteria and pathogens. But still, we make this mistake. It is essential that we always cover our food either with a cling wrap or foil so that it is not exposed to moisture and the nutrients inside it can remain intact.

Mistake 2: Eating Food Cooked Hours Ago

It is always advisable to eat freshly cooked food and this is because of a reason. Ayurveda suggests the same as it states that the food turns unhealthy when eaten after 3 hours of being cooked. It tends to lose its nutritional value. There might be some exceptions like fermented foods or dishes like bore baasi or panta bhaat but when it comes to other foods, one should avoid eating stale food. 

Mistake 3: Overcooking Food

Overcooking vegetables is a big no. Some people may think that overcooking vegetables and meat can kill bacteria, but you know what? It kills the bacteria too. You should avoid overcooking and over-boiling food if you want its nutrients and benefits to stay intact. Though some vegetables need to be cooked properly, there are some that lose their value when overcooked. 

Mistake 4: Cutting Vegetable Hours Before

You should always cut vegetables right before cooking and refrain from cooking vegetables several hours before. This process may be saving a lot of your time but it has been killing all the nutritional value of the veggies. Many of you didn’t know but cutting also releases enzymes and often ends up rotting the fresh produce. Thus, we should avoid doing so.

Mistake 5: Not Adding Spices In Order

You may think that the order of putting spices doesn’t matter as it anyways going into the dish, but this is wrong. Adding the spices in the right sequence is extremely important. Some spices are sensitive to heat, and they may release toxins when not added in the right way. It should always be taken care of that all spices should be added in the right manner.