Combat Sore Throat Caused By Smog With These 6 Warming Foods
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Consuming a bowl of warm oatmeal loaded with seasonal fruits, berries or a sprinkle of cinnamon is a delicious and healthy option to consider for breakfast. Pick between whole milk, plant milk or even simmer your oats in some chicken stock for a savoury version of this dish. Top off your savoury bowl of oatmeal with a boiled egg, cooked mushrooms and green onions for extra colour and flavour.

Mashed Potato

While nothing quite beats the comfort of a portion of fluffy mashed potatoes drizzled with butter, this soft food is ideal to eat on days when you don’t feel like enjoying a full meal. Cook the potatoes in chicken broth to add some nutritional value and combine the mash with boiled vegetables like carrots, beans or cauliflower for added health benefits. Alternately, mashed potatoes can also be topped off with a pepper-heavy gravy – ideal for combating throat infections.

Brothy Soups

Be it a minestrone or a seasonal vegetable soup, using chicken or vegetable broth in place of water as your cooking liquid boosts the nutritional value of your simple supper. Add plenty of fresh vegetables or some protein like tofu or fish that is easy to digest as well as tender while eating. Brothy soups are also great for hydrating the body, especially when one faces difficulty in swallowing solid food, helping alleviate the discomfort.

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Coconut Milk Stews

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Packed with good fats, flavour and providing a silken texture to pretty much all kinds of recipes it is used in, coconut milk based stews are a great option to consider when you’d like to eat a substantial meal, paired with rice. Add any vegetables or protein of your choice and use whole spices like cloves, cinnamon and pepper that are great to combat throat irritations. Coconut milk stews also make for great comfort meals that are easy to prepare when you’re low on energy.

Rice Porridge

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Good ol’ porridge or kanji kuzh is a simple preparation of a small handful of rice cooked in plenty of water and seasoned lightly. Typically eaten warm and on its own without any additional frills, rice porridge is often a popular remedial meal for those recovering from a flu or combating cold, cough and any kind of throat infections. Add some chopped raw onion for extra flavour or a touch of pickle to enliven your tastebuds.


Traditional foods that are dedicated for days when you’re feeling under the weather is a shortcut way to nurse yourself back to health. This medley of rice, lentils and vegetables cooked until mushy are easy on the digestive system as well as comforting for when your throat feels irritable and painful. Enjoy a portion of khichdi with some fresh homemade yoghurt, lime pickle and a crisp papad on the side.