Coffee To Pickles: 7 Dehydrating Foods To Avoid During Summers
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There is a never-ending debate among people about choosing summer or winter as the better season. While both seasons have their pros, there are a lot of downsides to both seasons as well. Summers, for instance, require a person to stay hydrated all the time. With every passing month until August, the temperature will keep rising. 

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This means that a person has to be mindful of everything that they will be consuming during these hot months. While most people are already aware of healthy foods and beverages like fruits, green vegetables, coconut water, and other hydrating items that should be consumed during the summer, there should be equal awareness about the food items that shouldn't be consumed during this season. Here is a look at some of the top dehydrating food items that should be avoided during the summer. 

* Coffee

Coffee is the morning cup of happiness for a lot of people and it is unfathomable for them to start their day without a dose of caffeine. However, it is necessary to make this sacrifice during hot weather, as high consumption of coffee can lead to dehydration.

As per a study published in the journal by the Faculte de Medicine, Universite De Liege, coffee has substantial diuretic effects on the body. This can cause the body to produce more urine than needed, which can lead to extensive water loss from the body. Moderate coffee consumption is not at all unhealthy for the body but perpetual and excessive consumption can create problems.

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* Raw Meat

Raw meat may sound like an absurd food item on the list, but a lot of people like to consume raw meat because of its potential health benefits. However, one must avoid consuming raw meat during the summer, as it can lead to inflammation and introduce harmful bacteria into the gut. It is already very difficult to digest raw meat and during the summer, the stomach is more susceptible to problems related to digestion because of dehydration. One must rather adopt properly cooked and easy-to-digest meals.

* Spicy Food

A lot of people like this food to be spicy and filled with a lot of flavours. However, during the summer, one must abstain from eating extremely spicy food, as it can lead to stomach inflammation and acid reflux. As chilly powder and similar spicing ingredients contain capsaicin, it can lead to irritation of the lining of the stomach, also called digestive discomfort. This may further lead to the problems of inflammation and dehydration. A great way to balance a spicy meal is to eat it with some curd or cucumber on the side.

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* Carbonated Drinks

Drinking some sodas or drinks that are extremely high in sugar is something that provides a lot of relief to the body during the summer. But this is only a temporary relief, as sugar leads to a lot of fluid loss in the body. Additionally, it may also lead to bloating and discomfort in the stomach. A high amount of soda can also lead to acid reflux in the body. Instead of drinking carbonated drinks that are filled with preservatives, one must drink homemade thirst quenchers like lemonade, jal-jeera, aam panna, herbal teas, and other healthy drinks.

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* Fried Food

Fried food is an absolute no-no during the summer. It is a fact that after eating some fried chicken, French fries, or burgers, one feels the need to drink something on the side. This is because extremely fried food makes a person feel instantly thirsty. It can create havoc in the body and disturb the hydration levels. Not only this, but fried food is also very high in sodium and fat. Instead of eating deep-fried food, you can choose better options like grilling, air frying or cooking in the microwave. This helps in making the texture of the food very much like deep-fried food, yet it is healthier.

* Pickles

Pickles, just like fried food, have a very high amount of vegetable oil along with spices and sodium. The combination of all these ingredients is not good for your health during the summer. Spices can lead to inflammation in the stomach, oil can lead to dehydration and high sodium can disturb the pH levels of the body. One must avoid the perpetual consumption of pickles. If you want to consume pickles on a sporadic basis, then you must make sure that you're also hydrating yourself by drinking water from time to time.