Coffee Helps Tisca Chopra To Keep Her Grumpiness Away
Image Credit: Pexels.

Work can be extremely hectic for Bollywood celebs, who are often flying from one city to another to commence shoot on a new project. With the constant physical strain  and running around because of the busy schedule of a star, the need to take a break from everything and curl up with a hot cup of coffee is completely relatable. Many Bollywood celebs can’t do without their morning coffee. Karisma Kapoor and Varun Dhawan are two such people who frequently post about their fondness for coffee. While entering or exiting shoots, celebs can often be spotted with a large cup of coffee to go in their hands. Joining the list of coffee aficionados of B-town is Tisca Chopra. 

The actress recently took to her social media to post photos of her enjoying a Starbucks coffee. She posted photos to her Instagram story, clasping a glass of coffee and writing, “Coffee… for hectic lives.” She also posted multiple photos to her Instagram feed posing with the beverage and writing, “A coffee a day keep a grumpy away… what’s your happy drink?!” In one of the photo Tisca even sported a foam moustache and pouting to show it off. Tisca was at the airport while she was grabbing her cup of coffee.