Coconut Water Is Athiya Shetty’s Rescue In 32 Degree Celsius; 3 Drink Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Screengrab of post/Instagram, Coconut water is a great source of hydration in summers.

We’ve all had these discussions with our friends and family about the heat wave this year. It’s only April yet the strong, hot winds that blow past your face transport you to the sizzling hot weather of June. While some of us find it strange that it has gotten so hot, so quickly, the fact remains that climate change is adversely affecting our nature and health. It is surprising how people switched from zero fans to super cool air-conditioners in a matter of a few days. The drastic change in weather has also risen concerns about health. 

As soon as summers arrive, the Internet is filled with ideas of cooling down and keep yourself hydrated. There is definitely nothing that can beat the satisfaction of a chilled glass of water in this weather. However, for Athiya Shetty, it is another summer cooler. The actress who made her debut with Hero in the Hindi film industry was seen sipping water out of a coconut. Captioned as “32°”, the actress seems to be quenching her thirst with fresh coconut water. Don’t believe us? Here, take a look. 

Source: Athiya Shetty/Instagram

There are a plethora of benefits of coconut water, from skin to the stomach. It is low in calories and doesn’t contain any added sugar or preservatives. It is the perfect tropical drink that aids hydration, boosts energy levels and improves digestion. Since it comes with so many benefits, you might want to try some coconut water recipes too. 

Here are summer drinks which are ideal for you this season. 

1.  Iced Green Tea With Coconut Water 

The regular glass of iced tea is passé. Now is the time to add some coconut water to it. Part regular water and part coconut water are added to the green tea mix. This is mixed together in a glass and lemon slices are added for a citrusy punch. 

2.  Avocado And Coconut Water Smoothie 

Smoothies are lighter than shakes and do not involve any milk. Yet, the consistency and texture are thick enough for you to drink and slurp at the same time. As they say, eat your greens, we add some greens to your smoothie with ripe avocados. Blended along with coconut water, lime juice and agave nectar, the smooth and rich smoothie is ready. 

3.  Coconut Water Mojito 

A classic Cuban drink, mojito is usually made with five ingredients. Coconut water is added to a mix of white rum, club soda and lime juice. Crushed mint leaves are muddled along with agave nectar. This refreshing summer cooler is a must-try.