Keep These 3 Things In Mind While Cleaning Fruits And Veggies
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People are now more cautious about cleanliness and hygiene than ever before, and this vigilance is not limited to washing hands alone. We already know that vegetables and fruits pass through many hands and breed various viruses, fungi and bacteria. Therefore, it is equally important to clean and disinfect them properly. Using plain water is not enough to disinfect these contaminated food items. Apart from adopting some home remedies, you can also take the help of cleaning solutions available in the market. Not only this, when you disinfect fruits and vegetables, it is imperative to do it properly. So, today we're telling you about some such tips.

  • Keep your kitchen and utensils clean: It's essential to clean cutting boards, utensils and countertops after peeling and before chopping your fruits and vegetables. This helps prevent contamination during the peeling and cutting process. In addition, this vital step makes a fruit and vegetable washing step more effective. If you are also eating meat and other non-vegetarian foods, make sure you use a separate set of knives, chopping boards, etc. Like other utensils, these too should be washed thoroughly after use using dishwashing gel and warm water.

  • Wash separately: We all know that not all fruits and vegetables have the same skin type. Hence, they need to be divided into different categories in the pre-wash step and cleaned accordingly. For example, some fruits and vegetables like potatoes and lemons can be lightly scrubbed under running water with the help of a soft bristle brush to remove the accumulated dirt easily. Similarly, for delicate items like tomatoes and mushrooms, use your fingers to rub and clean them under tap water gently.
  • Use natural fruit and vegetable cleaners: There are many types of vegetable cleaners available in the market. But while choosing, make sure that it is natural and does not contain chlorine, bleach, alcohol or other harmful chemicals because they harm your health somewhere. Instead, you can opt for a natural fruit and vegetable cleaner containing neem known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, acting as a natural vegetable and fruit disinfectant.