City Foodies Recommend Top 10 Best Bun-Maska Places In Pune

Irani cafes are etched into the fabric of Pune, their origins dating as far back as the 19th century. This was a time when many Zoroastrian immigrants flew to cities like Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad in search of livelihood, far away from persecution and famine and set up, during the colonial period, what are now recognised as Irani cafes. With high ceilings, cane chairs and red and white checked tabletops, Irani cafes have a vibe of their own synonymous with a historical and cultural legacy of the city.

The welcoming bustle of an Irani cafe draws in throngs of crowds every day for breakfast and afternoon snacks. While the grilled chicken sandwich, mutton cutlet and the bun cheese omelette are sought after breakfast and brunch options, the allure of the Irani cafe really lies in the broon or bun-maska or the hard, buttered bread washed down with steaming cups of black, Irani chai. 

What makes the bun-maska stand out is the butter-cream mixture that coats the toasted, hard bread. Dipped in tea, its flavours ooze into the glass cup adding a creaminess to the black, sugarless beverage. Bun-maska has become almost as iconic as the Irani eateries of the city, and it is seldom easy to stop at just one plate of this delicious snack!

We’ve rounded up a list of places, with a little help from foodies who grew up in the city, to help you find yourself the best bun-maska in Pune for a quick bite!

Cafe Diamond Queen -- Recommended by Vartika Pandey (@vartikalifestyle)

Nestled in the Camp, or cantonment area , Cafe Diamond Queen is one of the oldest Irani haunts in the city. The eatery opened in 1930, Vartika Pandey reminds us, way before Indian independence and is one of the oldest places in Pune to offer bun-maska to its customers. "Diamond Queen Cafe is known for their non veg dishes, however being a vegetarian, my more frequent trips are here for bun-maska and tea," she goes on. Sharing her love of Diamond's bun-maska, she adds, "The aroma of freshly baked soft bread smeared with slowly melting butter makes the mouth water and crave for one more plate to be dipped in the steaming hot cup of creamy tea."

Where: Shop 12, Moledina Road, Camp Area, Pune

Timings: Daily, 6 am - 11.30 pm

Cost for two: ₹500

Must try: Mutton roast, bun-maska, haleem, chai

Cafe Bun Maska -- Recommended by Namrata Sarda Rathi (@namrata_sarda_rathi)

Cafe Bun Maska, as its name rightly suggests is one of the best places in the city for a quick bite of this delicious tea-time meal. This is among Namrata's favourite haunts too and she says of the bun-maska here, "One bite of their butter-loaded bun maska with kadak chai and you’d already be in foodie heaven. Their bun is fluffy soft and spongy. Have it with hot tea, and the pleasure skyrockets!" Visit this place for a bustling afternoon-tea experience because as this foodie says, "The warm, soft bread is hugely satisfying."

Where: Shop 4, Kausarbaug, Kondhwa, Pune

Timings: Daily, 7 am - 12 am

Cost for two: ₹300

Must try: Chai, kebab pav, bun-maska

Cafe Goodluck -- Recommended by Ashray Patil (the foodmonster_)

Known simply as Goodluck, this Irani cafe has stood tall for decades at the start of Fergusson College Road, one of the most popular streets in the city. As the city grew and developed, the cafe bore witness to the many changes occurring in its surroundings, all the while treating its customers to delicious breakfasts and sumptuous lunches. Of the bun-maska here, Ashray says, " Served warm, the bun was soft, buttery, and had the perfect level of sweetness. The generous slathering of fresh, creamy butter takes the taste to another level. It was the ideal balance of flavours, making it an excellent accompaniment to a cup of hot Irani chai."

Where: 759/75, Goodluck Chowk, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune

Timings: Daily, 8 am - 10.30 pm

Cost for two: ₹350

Must try: Cheese omelette, grilled chicken sandwich, Irani chai

Maskawala & Co. -- Recommended by Tapish Gupta (@the.bored.panda)

One of the newly opened Irani cafes in Pune, Maskawala is a place that keeps the culinary and cultural legacies of Irani establishments alive with its blend of the contemporary and an old-school nostalgia. The place is fast becoming popular especially among the locals in Kothrud especially because it has added an Irani cafe to the tapestry of this largely Marathi-dominated area. Visit Maskawala & Co. for its delicious Iranian repasts including of course, the bun-maska and chai.

Where: Survey 12/3B, Plot 2, Shop 2, Saket Housing Society, Karve Road, Near Karishma Society, Kothrud, Pune

Timings: 8 am - 10.30 pm

Cost for two: ₹500

Must try: Irani chai, mutton cutlet, dhansak

Vohuman Cafe -- Recommended by Simmi Here (moody_girl_19)

Vohuman is a beautiful Parsi eatery in Pune with a classic old-world charm that would make one hanker for a bygone age. Recalling her experience of having the bun-maska here, this blogger says, "The bun, perfectly toasted and lightly buttered, had a soft and fluffy texture that melted in my mouth." She also emphasises on the perfect ratio of bun to the butter-cream which was neither too overpowering, nor too mellow. Vohuman is known for serving up many delicious dishes but the bun-maska here is a can't miss.

Where: Shop 13, Millennium Star Building, Near Ruby Hall Hospital, Dhole Patil Road, Pune

Timings: 6 am - 6.30 pm

Cost for two: ₹200

Must try: Cheese butter toast, egg fry, anda bhurji

Kohinoor Restaurant -- Recommended by Jerlyn d'Silva (@jerlyndsilva)

Nestled in the Camp area, this humble restaurant is a crowd puller as much for its chai and samosa as for its broon maska. This simple eatery serving delicious food has been around for decades and is a popular stop to pop by for a steaming cup of Irani chai. Says Jerlyn of Kohinoor's enduring taste and popularity, "Take a trip down memory lane with Kohinoor's iconic bun-maska, where each bite is a harmonious blend of freshly baked buns and velvety smooth butter. Immerse yourself in the rich flavours and timeless tradition that have delighted generations."

Where: Shop 42, Camp Area, Pune

Timings: Daily, 4 am - 9 pm

Cost for two: ₹200

Must try: Bun butter jam, French toast, chai

The Irani Cafe -- Recommended by Deepika Khatri (leogirldeepika)

With 9 outlets across the city, The Irani Cafe was lauched on Pune's old street of Prabhat Road by a pair of cousins who wished to pay tribute to the vanishing establishments serving broon or bun-maska. The eatery was launched in 2016 to revive the culture of Irani cafes and keep alive a connection between the past and present. Deepika rightly refers to this place as an "oasis of charm and nostalgia" in an otherwise bustling chaos of the city. Describing the bun-maska here she says, "With its soft, buttery bun and velvety maska, each bite is a symphony of flavours, taking you on a journey back to simpler days." For her, the bun-maska is more than a culinary delight, "it is an enchanting experience that captures the essence of a bygone era, leaving you craving for more."

Where: CTS 33/28, Plot 32/28, Ground Floor, Scheme 1, Prabhat Road, Erandwane, Pune

Timings: Daily, 6.15 am - 11.45 pm

Cost for two: ₹300

Must try: Cheese bun omelette, bun-maska, mutton cutlet

Cafe Yezdan -- Recommended by Siddhesh Shete (@workaholic.foodie)

Along with the signature broon-maska, also try some delicious jam butter toast when you visit Cafe Yezdan in Camp. The eatery has been around for over three decades, becoming an inseparable part of the country's culinary fabric. "The cafe has retained its old-world charm with vintage decor and rustic furniture, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for visitors," says Siddhesh Shete and the biggest crowd puller is of course, the creamy and delicious bun-maska. Also try the cheese omelette here if you are looking for a tasty breakfast option.

Where: 623, Sachapir Street, Camp Area, Pune

Timings: Daily, 7 am - 7.30 pm

Cost for two: ₹150

Must try: Omelette toast, bun-maska, chai

Olympia -- Recommended by Siddhesh Shete (@workaholic.foodie)

A bona fide foodie, Siddhesh also recommends Cafe Olympia as yet another iconic spot for having a delicious plate of bun-maska. Located in the Camp area in Pune, it is known for its blend of vintage and contemporary elements that automatically draw the hungry shopper towards its doors. Popular for its sumptuous helpings of bun and chai, Siddhesh rightly says, "The huge bun is enough to make your hunger pangs disappear."

Where: 2424, Kumar Pavilion, Near Victory Theatre, East Street, Pune

Timings: Daily, 12.30 pm - 12 am

Cost for two: ₹150

Must try: Kathi roll, chicken roll, bun-maska

Dorabjee & Sons -- Recommended by Vishal Bagdi (@thepunefoodie)

Dorabjee & Sons whose Camp location has been around for the last several decades was once a popular spot for finding delightful western European ingredients, cheeses and Asian sauces that would otherwise be difficult to find at the local grocer. But the gourmet food store also functions as a lovely Irani cafe serving up delicious food to all its customers. Says Vishal Bagdi of this popular place that while their mutton specials beat all else on the menu, the broon is unmissable and "you’ve gotta try out their bun-maska for all that buttery goodness!

Where: Shop 845, Dastur Meher Road, Sarbatwalla Chowk, Camp Area, Pune

Timings: 10 am - 7 pm

Cost for two: ₹600

Must try: Dhansak, mutton cutlet, mutton biryani