Citrus Bliss: 7 Must-Try Orange Cake Variations For The Season
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The snowy days are here and so are the oranges. Being a seasonal fruit, oranges, with their vibrant hues and juicy bursts of citrusy sweetness, are a culinary delight, especially when they are the star ingredient of a cake. The variants like the classic Orange Pound Cake are known for its dense yet moist crumb, while the innovative Orange Mandarin Cake, merges the freshness of citrus with the creamy texture of ricotta cheese. 

The Bundt Cake, with its distinctive shape and rich flavour, adds a touch of elegance to this collection. These recipes showcase not just the flavour but the very essence of oranges. Believe it or not, these oranges can be turned into cakes as delightful to the palate as they are to the eye. 

Ideal for these wintry days, these orange cake variations promise a unique and mouth-watering experience. Once you have the zesty flavour on,  it is hard to stop at just one slice.

Seven must-try orange cake variations are here to make the list of winter delicacies a bit more scrumptious.


1) Chocolate Orange Marble Cake
This cake combines the classic flavours of orange and chocolate in a retro two-tone marble design. Infused with Terry's chocolate pieces, a chocolate orange buttercream, and a zesty sponge, this cake is a delightful treat. The addition of orange liqueur, yoghurt, and dark chocolate enhances its indulgence, making it an ideal choice for tea time.

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2) Spiced Orange Olive Oil Cake
This unique cake blends the warmth of five-spice powder with the zestiness of orange. Its olive oil base contributes to a light, subtly sweet loaf, perfect for slicing. Over time, it can be repurposed into layered desserts with whipped cream or toasted with honey, offering versatility and richness in every bite.

3) Mandarin Orange Cake
A convenient and vibrant dessert, this cake starts with a yellow cake mix and is loaded with mandarin oranges. The inclusion of pudding mix and crushed pineapple ensures a moist texture, topped with a whipped cream frosting. This cake is particularly refreshing in winter, offering a burst of mandarin orange flavour.

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4) Orange Bundt Cake
This vegan Bundt cake melds applesauce and coconut oil for a moist texture, mimicking a buttery crumb. Enhanced with orange juice and cranberries, it offers a bright, tart flavour in each bite. Ideal for the holiday season, this golden cake is adorned with cranberries and flavoured with fresh orange zest and juice.

5) Orange Almond Cake with Orange Sauce (Gluten-Free)
A six-ingredient flourless cake, this dessert is made with whole oranges and almond meal. Its sponge-like texture remains moist, offering a light orange flavour that's enjoyable even for those not following a gluten-free diet. It can be served warm with ice cream, cream, or custard.

6) Orange Cake with Semolina and Almonds
This egg-free cake features a soft crumb and is fragrant with orange blossom water, orange zest, and juice. The almond meal and semolina provide a nutty texture. It's a lush tea-time treat that rose well without eggs, substituting yoghurt for moisture and a tangy flavour.

7) Orange Pound Cake
A rich and luxurious cake, this pound cake combines the tanginess of orange and sour cream with buttery syrup. Easy to make, it requires only one mixing bowl and offers a rich, moist texture. It's bursting with sweet orange flavour and can be topped with vanilla ice cream and syrup for an added indulgence.

These seven orange cake variations welcome a delightful exploration of flavours and textures, perfect for winter. From the indulgent chocolate orange marble cake to the rich and luxurious orange pound cake, each recipe brings its unique twist to the classic orange flavour. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a gluten-free almond cake or the exotic blend of spices in the olive oil cake, these cakes are sure to brighten up your table.