Christmassy Venetian Cocktail For The Holiday Season
Image Credit: Venetian Cocktail

The holidays are such a beautiful time to share the joys of eating and drinking that cooking or feeding people shouldn’t seem like a task. Food, and even drinks for that matter, must be simple and comforting and warm rather than adding to the stress of mingling with a crowd. This Venetian cocktail made with pink vermouth, a fortified rose wine with the herby and citrus notes of fall, seems just perfect.

Not only is it extremely simple to put together, the sweet vermouth gets a touch of sweet fizzy ginger ale and ruby red pomegranate juice to match the colour of the season! The floral notes of lavender, spicy notes from the cinnamon and nutmeg and citrus from the orange notes in the vermouth add warmth and body to the drink. Pour these directly into waiting stemmed glasses and serve to guests as they keep coming.

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What makes vermouth so critical to a good cocktail

Because of its unique flavour and taste, there really isn’t a solid replacement for the vermouth in this recipe. However, if you do have some leftover after the merry-making, just store in a cool place and add a glug of it into your pasta sauce, meat marinade or salad dressing. It adds a depth of flavour and works well with robust meats like pork and duck for a glazed sauce or even a tangy Bolognese.

Venetian Christmas Cocktail



  • Pink Vermouth, 60 ml
  • Pomegranate Juice, 30 ml
  • Ginger Ale, 30 ml
  • Ice to serve


  • Stir the pink vermouth and pomegranate juice together. Add a few ice cubes to martini glasses and pour the mixture over.
  • Top up with a bit of ginger ale and stir lightly before serving.