Christmas Cocktails: Try This Gingerbread Eggnog Recipe
Image Credit: Gingerbread Eggnog/Hyatt Centric, Chandigarh

When one thinks of celebrating Christmas, the Christmas tree, decorations, Santa Claus, gifts and the elaborate festive dinner are among the things that promptly come to mind. From stuffed turkey and roasted duck to sweetmeats like the Christmas pudding and plum cake - all things delicious adorn the table. What’s more? The holiday cocktails and one of the favourites among them is the traditional eggnog.  

For the unversed, eggnog is an unusual combination of milk, eggs, and alcohol, combined together to form a delicious concoction. While most people are busy sipping on warm and fuzzy drinks, eggnog stands out as a boozy cocktail that is ideal for Christmas. The origin of this drink can be traced back to the 16th Century when a small wooden cup in which the drink was served was referred to as ‘noggin’. Another tale tells us that grog was the name given to egg-based drinks in the US around the same time. It is believed that the two got together to lend the boozy egg cocktail its name.  

This year, give your traditional eggnog a festive spin with the flavours of gingerbread. Gurpreet Singh - Beverage Expert at Hyatt Centric, Sector-17, Chandigarh - shares a delicious Gingerbread Eggnog recipe for the holiday season.  


    6 large egg yolks (at room temperature) 

    ½ cup granulated sugar 

    1 tbsp molasses 

    1 cup heavy whipping cream 

    2 cups milk  

    ½ tbsp gingerbread spice  

    1 pinch salt 

    1 tsp vanilla extract 

    1 pinch ground ginger (freshly grated) 

    1 pinch ground nutmeg (freshly grated) 

    1 cup vodka 

    1 cup coffee liquor  

Source: Gingerbread Eggnog/Hyatt Centric, Chandigarh

    Whisk 6 egg yolks, half a cup of white sugar and 1 tbsp of molasses until creamy and light in colour. 

    Heat the mixture of 1 cup heavy cream, spices such as gingerbread spice and nutmeg and 2 cups whole milk with a pinch of salt.  

    Simmer lightly over medium heat and remove the pan once the mixture begins to bubble. 

    Stir in 1 tsp of vanilla extract and chill the mixture in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours, until the eggnog thickens. 

    For a super smooth eggnog, you can combine the eggnog and liquor in a blender. 

To pour:  

    Wet the glass rim with molasses.  

    Coat glass rim with cinnamon sugar.  

    Add in a few ice cubes.  

    Pour in 1 cup vodka 

    Pour in 1 cup coffee liquor  

    Pour in your homemade eggnog.  

    Add 2 tbsp of molasses  

    Add your gingerbread spice and nutmeg (just a pinch).  

    Shake it well.  

    Pour beautifully and enjoy a very merry Christmas.