Christmas 2023: The 12 Traditional Indian Desserts
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It is that time of the year again. The Christmas season is in full flow and is one of the most anticipated festivals in India and the world. It is celebrated on December 25 every year and the reason behind the festival is to observe the birth of Jesus Christ, whom the Christians believe is the Son of God.

During the festival, elaborate decorations, lighting, and food preparations are done to mark the celebration. It is also the biggest festival on the Christian calendar. But aside from the popular dessert picks for Christmas throughout the world, such as pies, cakes, cookies, and more, India boasts a great repertoire of traditional desserts for Christmas too, and in this article, we will go through seven of such desserts.


Kulkuls are traditional Christmas sweet treats that are known for their melt-in-the-mouth texture. These bite-sized pastries are deep-fried and then later coated with castor sugar. It is a simple dessert preparation that packs a lot of flavour and crunch.

Not only is it easy but it is also fun to make kulkuls at home. You will need a kulkul comb or fork and the colours this dessert provides for your Christmas platter are simply amazing. You can colour them if you prefer and if not, leave them uncoloured.


This dessert, also called nevreo or neurio, is one of the most traditional Indian desserts for Christmas. It is known as Consoada in Goa and Kuswar in Karnataka, and these crescent-shaped sweet treats are filled with cardamom-flavoured coconut, semolina, raisin, and cashew filling.

It is known for its crispy exterior and a sweet filling on the inside. The flavour and texture are both wonderful and it is also quite addictive.


Bebinca is a dessert that is inspired by the Portuguese and is one of the most popular Christmas desserts in Goa. It is a lovely dessert that you must try if you find yourself in Goa during the Christmas season. You will be delighted to know how good Bebinca really is. The main ingredients are egg yolks, coconut, jaggery, and flour.


Perad is a creamy dessert that is also known as guava cheese. It is a luscious treat and one of the most delicious and traditional Christmas desserts from India. Just like bebinca, the origins of this dish can be traced back to the Portuguese colonialists.

The dessert is fudgy, chewy, and gooey, and it packs a wonderful guava flavour in each bite. Perad is often sold in chunks and this is a dessert that most children enjoy during the season.

Plum Cake

A plum cake perfectly captures the essence of Christmas and is a must-have during the festive season. It is simple, delicious, and filled with goodness. The cake is loaded with rum-soaked fruits that instantly enhance the flavour profile of the entire cake. The cake packs an explosion of flavours with every single bite and will definitely take you back to your childhood.


A Christmas celebration is incomplete without cookies. Cookies are deeply rich in tradition and many cultures around the world cherish this baked treat and India is no different. We have our own version. Bolinhas are essentially cardamom-flavoured coconut and semolina cookies. They are crunchy and crispy and they melt once you put them in your mouth. The wonderful coconut flavour is a heavenly experience.

Rose Cookies

This is a traditional Anglo-Indian cookie that is among the favourites during the Christmas season. Rose cookies are known as Achappam in Kerala and not just that, these cookies in general are also known as Rose Cake. These cookies are crunchy, sweet, and deep-fried, and they are a frequent addition to the Christmas platter. They can be made at any time of the year and are fairly addictive.


Guliyos is a traditional dessert that is prepared during Christmas in Mangalore and Goa. It is a deep-fried sweet that can be described as deep-fried rice marbles. They provide a crunchy bite, a creamy texture, and a sweet flavour thanks to the jaggery. It is an addictive sweet that, from a distance, resembles gulab jamun.

Cashew Macaroons

The simplest way to describe cashew macaroons is as cashew-nut-laden meringue cookies. Meringue biscuits are traditionally produced with four ingredients: egg whites, a stabilising agent, sugar, and a flavouring (typically vanilla). Two more ingredients required for the cashew macaroons are cashew nuts and cardamom powder, which give it a real aromatic undertone.


A dodol is a dessert that is made using coconut milk, rice flour, and jaggery. It is known for its sticky and thick texture and has a dominant sweet flavour that is loved by many people. It gets its signature thick texture due to the cooking process, where half of the ingredients are evaporated and it takes around 2 to 9 hours to prepare this wonderful dessert.

Milk Cream

Milk cream is a popular Goan Christmas sweet that is essentially milk fudge. It is one of the quintessential Christmas desserts that is enjoyed a lot among Goan Catholics a lot. It is a wonderful preparation that is made using milk, sugar, and cashew nuts. It adds a great touch to the Christmas platter and is a must during the festive season.

Allahabadi Christmas Cake

The Allahabadi Christmas cake is a traditional cake that has been prepared during Christmas for ages. This cake incorporates petha, or candied ash gourd, along with ghee, jam, and ground spices. This desi cake is a delicious dessert that you can make for this year's Christmas.