Christmas 2023: 6 Ways To Try Green Beans This Holiday Season
Image Credit: Image Credit- Pixabay

Amid the festive feasts consisting of roasts, puddings, cakes and chocolatey desserts, you may find it strange to even think about green beans as an addition. And yet, in many places, you will find that a side of green beans is often served for Christmas and even New Year feasts. Serving green beans at Christmas can bring lots of flavours and texture to the table. It serves as a perfect side to celebratory food, making a great dish of crunchiness and soulful taste. Serving green beans also matches the theme colour of Christmas, i.e. red and green.

Green Bean is a very versatile vegetable which can be served with lots of experimentation and flavours to enhance the taste and make it more interesting. Holidays are near, so why not make something delicious with green beans, which are nutritional for your kids, but at the same time, it is as tasty as a royal dish served to your guests? 

Preparing green beans is also very flexible and quick because it only takes 15 to 20 minutes of cooking time for most green beans dishes to be made. Explore various kinds of green bean dishes to serve this holiday that your guests and children will love.

1. Garlic Parmesan Green Beans: Cheesy garlic beans can be delightful to everyone. It can either be made as a salad, or it can be baked. The versatility of green beans can be detected in this very well. According to the preference one can also have eggs as a side, and it can serve as a perfect brunch in the holiday season for lazy days. You can also have it as a side with a bowl of fresh rice, and you can saute it in ghee to elevate the taste.

2. Almondine Green Beans: If you are in for a holiday treat and lots of dry fruits, then make sure you have this day on your holiday list. It is one of the greatest taste wizards which serve simplicity and elegance on the same plate. Almondine green beans are very delicious to eat, and they will make your soul warm and full. They can be served with mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables.

3. Balsamic Glazed Green Beans: If you love Korean-inspired cuisine you will love this kind of green beans as it is heavily infused with garlic with the tangy dark soy sauce with a little bit of gochugaru and chilli flakes. The dish is ready within 10 minutes, and it can be served as a perfect snack, too. To elevate the taste you can also add garlic crips and dry fruits to it. It goes well perfectly complementing the holiday dishes. It can be easily stored to serve for more than a week to avoid last minute cooking hassle. 

4. Lemon Dill Green Beans: If you are a huge fan of butter garlic beans, then make sure to try lemon dill green beans to have your cravings under control. The crunchiness from the green beans sauteed in ghee or butter with the herbs sprinkled on top and the sourness of lemon juice make a perfect combination for you to try out. It gives you the flavours of the holiday season you have been waiting all year round for.

5. Cranberry Orange Pecan Green Beans: You can sauté green beans with orange zest, cranberries, and toasted pecans. The combination of citrusy brightness and the crunch of pecans adds a festive touch to your holiday brunch table. You can also elevate the dish by adding different kinds of honey flavourings and essences to it. It perfectly captures the sweetness representing the merry and celebration. 

6. Mushroom and Thyme Green Bean Casserole: Upgrade the classic green bean casserole by sautéing green beans with mushrooms and fresh thyme. One can top it with a crispy breadcrumb and parmesan cheese crust. The dish is very buttery and has a hint of sweetness so it can be served perfectly with the side of mashed potatoes and fries. One can also have it with gravy or soup to grab the elegant taste of the dish.