Christmas 2022: Make Way For Some Healthy Yet Yummy Desserts

Desserts are an inseparable part of festivities. And when it is Christmas, we just can’t miss indulging in some of the amazing Christmas treats. The more the desserts are, the merrier the holiday is. But there has always been a debate if having desserts is unhealthy. Yes, they can be sometimes. But we can sort it out for you. 

We have brought some healthy Christmas desserts for you that you can enjoy without any guilt and worry. Believe me, these desserts could be perfect for your Christmas party as well as gift-giving. You know what? Your kids are also going to love these healthy treats. Wanna know what we are talking about?? Here you go! 

Apple Nachos 

Healthy apple nachos? Yes, you read that right. Nachos could be a perfect snack but how do they qualify as a dessert? All you have to do is replace the tortilla chips with apple slices. These apple slices will be sweet, yummy, and healthy. You can top it with almond butter, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, and whatnot. Here’s how you can make it this Christmas.  

Banana cake 

Banana cake is so simple yet yummy. Not only is it easy to make but is an absolute delight. It has the goodness of ripped bananas and eggs. You can avoid sugar and let the cake get its sweetness from the bananas. You can also add apple sauce or maple syrup to enhance the taste. Here is an easy recipe to make banana cake at home.  

Almond Butter Balls 

This is one such dessert loved by children as well as adults. Almond butter balls are nutty, chocolaty, delicious, and healthy. Healthy because they contain wholesome ingredients like almond butter, chia seeds, raw almonds, and dates. These balls could be an excellent source of fiber and can keep hunger pangs at bay. Don’t forget to make these at home. 

Honey Cinnamon Cookies 

When it’s winter, could there be anything better than honey? No, I guess! If you are looking for some delicious cookies, honey and cinnamon cookies are going to hit the spot. They’re sweet, soft, and yummy! Moreover, they are loaded with seasonal flavours of nutmeg and cinnamon. Don’t wait any further and try to make them at home. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Energy Balls 

There is nothing better than vibrant and nutty hazelnut balls loaded with chocolates? These chocolate hazelnut energy balls are loaded with the goodness of dates, hazelnut butter, and cocoa powder. They could be the perfect thing you serve at your Christmas party. Here’s how you can make it at home. 

Have a Merry Christmas by making these desserts and let us know which is the one you just can’t get over!