Christmas 2022: Eggless Biscoff Cake Is What You Need

Cake is an integral part of Christmas celebrations and why not. It has been a tradition to make cakes on Christmas. Though fruit cakes are in high demand these days, we are going to talk about a scrumptious biscoff cake that too eggless. Yes, you read that right. When it is biscoff in the name, you can guess how tasty this cake is going to be. 

This cake has a fluffy eggless sponge topped with biscoff buttercream with biscoff crumbs on the top. This cake is too delicious to handle, believe me. You can pair it with coffee or any hot beverage. And when it’s Christmas, you cannot say no to a biscoff cake. This cake gives an explosion of flavours in every single bite. It is a treat for the eyes and taste buds. Just before you start searching for the recipe here and there, follow the steps below and make this amazingly delicious cake at home this Christmas.  


  • 350 gm maida 
  • 120 ml whole milk 
  • ½ tsp tarter cream 
  • 1/5 tsp baking powder 
  • 150 gm unsalted butter 
  • ½ tsp salt 
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence 
  • 1 cup biscoff cookie butter 
  • 6 to 7 biscoff biscuits 
  • 350 gm granulated sugar 
  • 300 gm Greek yogurt 
  • 40 gm canola oil 


  • Start by preheating an oven to 350 degrees and prepare the cake mould. 
  • Take biscoff biscuits and crush them into a sand-like texture. 
  • Then, take a bowl and add maida to it. Add baking powder, salt, and tater cream. Whip it well and keep it aside. 
  • Take a large bowl and add softened unsalted butter. Add sugar and vanilla essence and whisk using an electric whisker for 5 to 6 minutes. Whisk until the mixture turns pale and fluffy. 
  • Add Greek yogurt, oil, and biscoff cookie butter. Mix it well and combine. 
  • Keep whisking and add maida, and milk in small proportions. Mix until the mixture gets combined. Do not overmix.  
  • When done, pour the mixture into the mould and use a spatula to even out the batter.  
  • Let it bake for 50 to 65 mins. Do the toothpick test to see if the cake is ready. Let the cake cool for some time. 
  • Meanwhile, take a bowl and whipped cream. Add the biscoff cookie butter and mix well. 
  • Slice the cake into three parts and fill in the cream in between and on the top. 
  • Sprinkle biscoff crumbs on the cake. Slice and enjoy! 

Merry Christmas!