Chocolate Day 2022: 5 Chocolaty Ways Of Gifting Your Valentine
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As Valentine’s Day approaches, we know you want to shower your beloved with indulgent experiences through the celebratory 14 days of February. Nothing connects better than chocolates to convey the warmth for your loved one. So make your Chocolate Day gift spotlessly immersive for your partner, pick from these unique offerings.

  1. Alco Desserts: If your partner relishes liquor-infused chocolates, bringing an assorted box of alcoholic chocolates from Cocoa Cellar will make their day. Also delivering non-alcoholic desserts, this patisserie in Mumbai offers mouthwatering choices like a coffee walnut loaf, Amarula and dark chocolate cupcake, sacher torte cake, whisky and cashew cookies, rochers, among others. Packaged carefully, these offerings will make your Valentine’s Day celebrations extra special.
  2. Double Dough Brownie: If your partner hits the gym avidly and yet loves the pure indulgence that desserts bring, Myprotein’s double dough brownie is the ideal gift. Comprising the delicate textures of cookies and brownies, this high-protein snack dons a delicious choco-chip dough base neatly blended with brownie-style protein dough. Drizzled with low-sugar caramel and then coated with chocolate coating, this mindful dessert is sure to be drool-worthy.
  3. Gooey Filled Cookie: Yet another mindful sweet treat for your health-conscious partner is Myprotein’s gooey filled cookie. A rich dough oozing smooth, chocolate filling, each of these cookies are packed with 20g of protein. They ensure that your daily protein intake is checked. Gift these to your partner on this Valentine’s Day for them to enjoy a guilt-free dessert. Packed with fibre, they also aid a balanced diet.
  4. Belgian Waffles: Waffle is a dessert that everybody is always up for. One of India’s first waffle trustworthy brands, these on-the-go waffle sandwiches are freshly-made with their revolutionary eggless batter and choicest fillings. Order from their range of waffles, pancakes, signature sundaes, stroopwafel and scrumptious spreads to keep your Valentine’s Day wholesome with desserts.
  5. Cocoa Special: Founded in Singapore, The Cocoa Trees brand is spread across geographies with premium chocolate stores in India. Spoiling you with their wide-ranging chocolate options. You can have the best alternatives at their outlets to help your partner relish their sweet tooth. You can choose from the collection of Ferrero, Goldkenn, M&Ms, Malteasers, Lindt and more.