Chocolate Day 2024: Top 6 Indian Chocolates To Sweeten Your Day

Valentine’s week has started, and everyone is ready to surprise their loved ones with special gifts. February 9, the third day of this week, is observed as Chocolate Day and is celebrated by sharing sweet treats with your other half. It is a proven fact that everyone enjoys eating chocolates, be it a kid or an adult. 

Gifting a box of chocolates is a beautiful way to express your love and care for someone. As soon as the month of February arrives, the market is decorated with vibrant and colourful chocolates of different shapes and sizes. The comforting sweetness of this delightful treat provides warmth to your soul. So, if you are planning to strengthen the bond with your partner, here are six Indian chocolate brands that can help you: 


This is a popular brand in India that sells other dairy products along with chocolates. Amul stands for Anand Milk Union Limited, and it is based in Anand, Gujarat. They are renowned for a wide range of dark chocolates and all of them are purely vegetarian. You can also find a lot of options with no added sugar, making it perfect for health conscious people. The price range of Amul dark chocolate in India is Rs 110. 

Mason & Co.

This company was founded by a couple Jane Mason and Fabien Bontems who are originally from Tamil Nadu. They are known for creating and serving chocolate lovers with good quality and non-adulterated dark chocolates in the country. Their handcrafted sweet treats come in multiple flavours starting from Dark Bittersweet to Sea salt. The average price range of Mason chocolates is Rs 295. 


Naviluna Artisan Chocolate is a Mysore-based brand that was launched in 2012. Founded by David Belo, it is popular in the country for providing a perfectly balanced fusion of Indian flavours with cocoa. They add mango, red capsicum, chilli and many other flavours to the chocolate bars. The price of Naviluna chocolate begins from Rs 390. 

All Things Chocolate

Known for offering a large variety of handmade chocolates, this is another great pick for your Chocolate Day. Manufactured in Jaipur, Rajasthan, this brand creates their flavours by taking inspiration from cities, flowers, moods and so on. The packaging includes a rustic and artistic wrap that compliments the amazing flavour of the chocolate inside. Their products are priced at Rs 180 and upwards. 


This Indian chocolate brand sources the cocoa by planting their own trees. Known for offering a wide range of exotic flavours, Soklet has 100 percent to 80 percent dark chocolates. Some of their special products are Spiced Bar, Filter Kaapi and Bhut Jolokia Chilli. You can also find a range of drinking chocolates and cocoa nibs here. The retail price of Soklet bars is Rs 200 and onwards. 

Choko La

This is another amazing Indian chocolate brand that was founded by Vasudha Munjal in Gurgaon, Haryana. Their artistic products include chocolate minis, bonbons and bars. They also offer some indulgent hot chocolate blends which are perfect to give to your loved ones. The price range of Choco La products is Rs 260 and upwards.