Chocolate Day 2022: Dive Into A Pool Of Chocolates With These 4 Fusion Recipes
Image Credit: Pixabay, Interesting fusion dishes filled chocolate.

Can you smell the freshness of love in the air? Even if you can’t, we bet you would have been bombarded with all the cute, affectionate messages, ads and stories on social media. You must have learnt of a hundred odd ways to surprise your partner and shower them with love and gifts. Since it is chocolate day today, do you have something planned yet? Before you decide to plan something, do you even know why Valentine’s day is celebrated? 

The day is named after Saint Valentine who believed in the power of love and was a pioneer in bringing together couples who love each other but were forced to stay single in ancient Rome. His efforts led the Lupercalia festival to be converted into Valentine’s Day. You celebrate the day with roses, hugs, kisses and most importantly, chocolates. Any special day becomes even more special when sweetness is added to it. Chocolates are a great way to bring a smile on your partner’s face. However, we wouldn’t want you to be boring and just handover a bar of chocolate. Also, we don’t want you messing up the kitchen with fancy chocolate desserts. 

So, we’ve got some interesting fusion recipes made from chocolate and pure love, for that someone special in your life. Trust us, this is going to be the best surprise for them. 

1.  Baked Chocolate Samosa 

The deep-fried snack that is usually filled with boiled potatoes can be turned around into a sweet heaven. The flaky samosa is baked instead of fried and the stuffing will surely tempt you. A mixture of dark chocolate, chopped almonds, walnuts and coffee is dunked into the chocolate samosa which is drizzled with some chocolate syrup. 

2.  Chocolate Pizza 

Do you fight with your partner over the last slice of pizza? For this chocolate pizza, you might have to keep the entire thing out of their sight. Thin-crust base with a nutella, hazelnut spread at the bottom and crushed oreos, almonds and peanut butter on top, the pizza is garnished with colourful gems in the end. 

3.  Chocolate Paratha 

Paratha, for the unversed, is a stuffed Indian flat bread that is usually savoury. Roll out the dough and stuff it with grated dark chocolate, chocolate sprinkles and almond powder. Roll it again and toss it on a griddle. You sweet paratha is ready. 

4.  Choco Tacos 

Ditch the chicken and meat for these crunchy and decadent chocolate tacos. Filled with melted chocolate, roasted and crushed nuts with a layer of vanilla ice cream in the center, enjoy the taco night at home.