10 Easy And Nutritious Dishes For Kids’ Lunch Box In Summer

Summer provides warmer weather and more outside activities for kids, so it's important to prioritise light and nutritional meals. Here are a few dishes that can help aid in the maintenance of energy levels, hydration, and overall well-being during hot weather. 

Light meals also help digestion and relieve discomfort in hot temperatures. Furthermore, choosing nutrient-dense foods and beverages such as smoothies, salads, yoghurt, and fresh fruits keeps children energised and pleased without weighing down. Overall, emphasising light and nutritious foods helps youngsters be healthy, active, and happy over the summer.

 Here is a list of different summer lunch ideas for kids that are both light and nutritious:

1. Chilla: 

Chilla, a widely used Indian pancake made from gram flour, is a favourable idea for the children’s summer lunch menu. Stocking about 49g of protein, 20g of fibre and numerous essential micronutrients in an easy-to-digest form helps to keep kids energised all the time while staving off hunger for a long time and providing energy for the rest of the day. It is an easy and light dish, yet tasty. There are different types of chilla with spinach, tomatoes and onions, making it a nutritious diet to consume. Along with a side order of yoghurt or a fresh salad, we give chillas a distinct flavour and mingle them with hydrating elements, which is a healthy and good dinner for children.

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2. Wrap: 

The wrap is a type of summer meal, which is a great and healthy option for the children. They are light, easy to prepare and full of nutrients, which makes sure that one can fill them with many different healthy ingredients. Whole wheat or multi-grain wraps are rich in fibre. Meanwhile, inside such a wrap, one can add a great range of stuffings, like lean proteins (such as grilled chicken, paneer, or tofu), fresh vegetables, and hummus, which all supply important vitamins, minerals, and proteins. A wrap is also a choice for packed food to be consumed outside, like at a picnic, for activities or as school lunch, which helps children remain active and fit in this''summer.

3. Lemon Rice: 

Lemon rice is not only a low and " healthy lunch idea for youngsters, as they would eat it during the summer. This dish includes a combination of cooked rice that is tossed with a unique mix of lemon juice, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and many more spices. This meal would also be rejuvenating, as it leads to an increase in vitamin intake, antioxidants and minerals in the body because of the presence of lemon juice and spices. It consists of a good amount of carbs to give energy and sweet and sour tastes that are appealing to kids. Lemon rice is prepared easily and makes for a quick, wholesome, and filling meal for kids in the summertime.

4. Kheema Pulao: 

Kheema pulao is a nutritious and light lunch alternative for children in the summer, with a decent balance of protein, carbs, and other essential components. To prepare this dish, sauté minced meat (kheema) with aromatic spices, onions, and tomatoes. Add the soaked rice and water, and cook until soft. The end result is a delicious and filling one-pot meal that kids will love. Kheema pulao is best served with yoghurt or cucumber raita for extra freshness and nutrients, making it an ideal summer lunch option for youngsters.

5. Anda Paratha: 

The Anda Paratha, which is a popular Indian dish, is not only tasty but also packed with nutrition. This will be the best light lunch for kids during the summer. The item on the menu is a paratha (flaky bread made of whole wheat) that holds together eggs, onions, tomatoes and spices of choice. It is a great source of energy and carbohydrates from the paratha, vitamins and proteins from eggs, and all the mandatory nutrients from vegetables. This combination has some more appealing qualities, both being filling and easily digestible, which is an ideal dish for children during hot weather when the heavier meals can be very strenuous.

6. Aamras and Poori: 

Aamras Puri is a delicious and nutritious summer lunch option for youngsters. Aamras, prepared from seasonal ripe mango pulp, is high in vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre, with a pleasant and sweet flavour. When served with puris, a type of deep-fried bread, it creates a hearty and pleasant dinner. Simply mix ripe mangoes with a little sugar or jaggery until smooth, then serve over freshly fried puris. This combination contains a nice balance of taste and energy, making it an ideal and light summer lunch for children.

7. Fish Curry Rice: 

For a healthy and light lunch choice, fish curry rice will be best during the warm summer days for children as well. It combines the advantages of fish, which do have protein for growth and development, with a tasty sauce made from tomatoes, onions and spices in a creamy coconut milk sauce that is not spicy. This dish is easy to digest and light, which will help the kids stay energised during the hot summer days. Served alongside carbs like rice, it includes vitamins, minerals, and fats, among other nutrients, that ensure a balanced and appetising meal that both kids and adults can enjoy.

8. Kerala Kanji Payaru: 

Kerala Kanji Payaru is a healthy and light lunch option for kids in the summer. It is made out of a basic but tasty combination of rice gruel (kanji) and cooked green gram (payaru). This dish is easy to digest, hydrating, and high in vital nutrients such as protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. To prepare, rice is boiled with water until it has a porridge-like consistency, and green gram is cooked separately before being blended with the rice. Seasonings such as salt, pepper, and chopped coconut are used for flavour. This nutritious lunch delivers sustained energy and keeps children hydrated and nourished on hot summer days.

9. Mango Rice: 

Summer is the time to enjoy healthy and delicious meals for younger age groups and mango rice is one of them. It is the unique taste of an age-old tradition, consisting of the combination of unripe mango when cooked with rice, which is both tasty and light. The very tangy taste of raw mango gives the rice a sweet taste, which is bound to showcase a new passion for rice to the kids. This meal helps to get their stomach settled as it is not heavy and it still has mangoes in it, which contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It provides for energy, thus acting as an ideal dish for a child’s healthy, energetic, and filling summer lunch.

10. Kadhi Chawal: 

Kadhi Chawal is a nutritious and light lunch idea for kids in the summer. Kadhi, a yoghurt-based curry with chickpea flour, provides probiotics for gut health and protein from yoghurt. It's light on the stomach, not spicy on the palate, and aids digestion. Paired with fragrant Basmati rice, Kadhi Chawal offers a balanced meal with carbohydrates for energy. The tangy and creamy Kadhi adds flavour without being heavy, making it a refreshing choice for hot days. Adding some steamed vegetables or a side salad can further enhance its nutritional value.