Chikki In Lonavala: Best Places In The Hill Station To Grab This Popular Crunchy Delight
Image Credit: Tarla Dalal/Facebook, Chikki is a sticky and crunchy delight that originated in Lonavala.

Places Included

  1. Maganlal’s Chikki And Fudge 
  2. A1 Chikki 
  3. Diamond Chikki 
  4. National Chikki Mart 
  5. Sunrise Chikki 
  6. Cooper’s Fudge And Chikki 
  7. Royal Lonavala Chikki 

Call it gajak, gur ki patti or simply, chikki, this winter delight can be savoured all year round in Lonavala. A quaint hill station located just two hours away from Mumbai, Lonavala is all about peace and serenity. While there are several buses that run between Mumbai and Lonavala, it is the journey by road that makes the experience even more enjoyable. Getaway from the maddening rush of metros and the fast-paced life to rejuvenate in the tranquility of nature. There are plenty of caves, massive sculptures and dams that are great for sightseeing and relaxing in the pleasant weather. However, there’s one thing you cannot forget to try while you’re in Lonavala. 

We’re talking about the beloved Lonavala ki chikki. For the unversed, chikki is a crunchy brittle made with jaggery or sugar and nuts. The sweet treat is a staple of Lonavala where it is believed to have originated during the British era and served as a meal for railway workers. Since then, chikki has come to be associated with Lonavala. 

Best Places For Chikki In Lonavala 

Looking to grab a bite of that famous Chikki? Head to these places and enjoy the crunchy and sticky sweet meat. 

1.  Maganlal’s Chikki And Fudge 

Did you know that it was Maganlal who was considered a pioneer in introducing us to chikki? This one is a one-stop shop for all chikki cravings. Their groundnut chikki and chocolate fudge at the best sellers so you know what to buy. 

Where: Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Lonavala, Pune

Timings: 11 am- 12 pm

Cost For One Order: ₹300

Source: It could be in your city next,