7 Types Of Desi Rolls To Try For Dinner

Who doesn’t like a good meal after a busy schedule? Food has the capacity to make you forget all your stress and lift your mood. Speaking particularly about the dinner, we always expect it to be filling and tasty. The whole family eagerly waits to take a dive into delectable recipes for the last meal of the day. Eating dinner is fun, but when it comes to deciding the menu, we all get confused.

Finding delicious dishes that everyone will love on the table really becomes challenging. The dinner must be tasty and flavourful, but not too complicated to prepare. If you are still not sure what to cook for next dinner, let's try some desi rolls. Packed with a burst of flavours, these versatile and mouthwatering delights can be easily found at street stalls and restaurants. However, the homemade ones are healthier, and you have the freedom to show your creativity. 

Here are seven types of desi rolls you can make for dinner next:

Chicken Kathi Roll

Kathi roll is one of the most popular street foods in India. However, they can easily become your dinner, as they are filling and tasty. To prepare this lip-smacking treat, stuff a flaky paratha with delicious homemade chicken filling and fold it like a roll. The chicken kathi roll is best served with spicy green chutney.

Paneer Tikka Roll

Paneer tikka is a classic Indian dish that is loved by all. Traditionally served as an appetiser, it can become an amazing filling for your dinner rolls. The soft paneer, cooked with a burst of tandoori flavours, will satiate your soul along with your taste buds. You can also reheat the leftover paneer tikka from the previous meal and use it in the recipe. It is best served with mint chutney. 

Classic Egg Roll

This classic dish needs no introduction. Easy to prepare, egg rolls are perfect for every season. Wrapped in a flaky flatbread, it consists of eggs and chopped vegetables. The main seasonings of this dish are chaat masala, red chilli sauce, and ketchup. Traditionally, the parathas for egg rolls are prepared with maida, but you can use whole wheat flour to make them healthier.

Pindi Chole Roll

Pindi chole is an iconic Punjabi dish that is popular all over the country. So, let's transform it into a dinner roll. This recipe tastes very delicious and needs no extra effort. All you have to do is fill the spicy and flavour-packed pindi chole inside your flaky paratha and serve with your favourite chutney. To enhance its flavour and texture, you can also mix some chopped tomatoes and onions with the filling.

Vegetable Roll

Besides egg rolls, this is another classic treat that takes no time to prepare and tastes amazing. You can use all your favourite seasonal vegetables, like carrots, capsicum, etc., in the filling and roll it in a flaky paratha or roti. For sautéing the vegetables, the main seasonings are vinegar, soy sauce, and pepper. It is best served with tomato ketchup or green chutney.

Galauti Kebab Roll

This is an extremely rich and tasty roll that will give you an experience of Mughlai cuisine. Galauti kebab is made with minced mutton and plenty of spices like red chilli, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorns, and so on. When this flavourful kebab is wrapped into the flatbread, it creates a lip-smacking treat that nobody can resist. 

Corn And Cheese Roll

Last but not least, a corn and cheese roll. This cheesy delight has recently made its place in many Indian restaurants' menus due to its creamy and tasty filling inside a flaky flatbread. The filling consists of boiled sweet corn, chopped vegetables, and seasoning packed with a cheesy flavour. You can serve it with any of your favourite dips or chutneys.