Naan To Parathas: 5 Popular Indian Breads You’ll Find
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Counting all the bread varieties in India can be a daunting process. But there are a handful of breads that we are all acquainted with and cannot imagine eating our food without. Breads are the perfect complimentary food with flavourful Indian curries as they absorb all the flavours of the curries and other types of stuffings. Each bread variety has a regional interpretation in different parts of the country and is cooked differently. Here is the beginner's guide to the most famous types of Indian pieces of bread that you will find in the country.

* Paratha

Paratha in India is synonymous with breakfast. Most of us have grown up eating various types of parathas for breakfast and even for lunch. Aloo Paratha, Gobi Paratha, Methi Paratha and Paneer Paratha or some of the many Paratha options available in India. It is one Indian bread that is so versatile that it is possible to make a Paratha out of almost every ingredient available in the kitchen. The texture of the Paratha from the outside is flaky and crispy. Inside it's soft because of the cooked and well-seasoned stuffing. These are cooked on tawa, smeared in ghee and have a beautiful crispy crust. You can eat them with curd and aachar. You will be surprised to know that many regions in India also make a Paratha out of rice, bhindi and even chicken.

* Chapati

The word Chapati is taken from the Hindi word Chapat which means a slap and that is exactly how this flatbread is made. A small piece of wheat flour dough is flattened by slapping it against the hands again and again. It is therefore given our flat disc-like shape and then it is cooked on the Tawa. You can eat it with any kind of curry or sabzi of your choice. It is a relatively healthier option than the other flatbreads famous in India. You can eat it as it is or even top it off with butter or other spreads. It is a staple flatbread in most of the households and is prepared regularly.

* Parotta

Parotta is a layered flatbread that is very popular in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other neighbouring states. It is also quite popular in Sri Lanka and is often thought of as another version of Paratha. This is because both Paratha and Parotta have similar pronunciations along with the crispy outer layer. But there are multiple subtle differences between these two. The parotta is made from Maida flour whereas a Paratha is made with wheat flour. Parotta has a higher gluten percentage and also has a silkier dough. The bread is a very popular breakfast option among South Indian people and is served traditionally during breakfast or lunch with lentil curry. In recent times we have seen multiple updates of Parotta as it is now made with the stuffing of onions and even slices of cheese. It is also served with Nutella and bananas in many areas.

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* Naan

This can be called the celebratory Indian bread as it is prepared on every special occasion and festival. The most famous dish in India, butter chicken is incomplete without butter or garlic naan. Other special Indian curries like Paneer butter masala and dal makhani also taste the best with proper crispy butter naan. Traditionally, naan is prepared with the help of Maida flour inside of Tandoor. But you can also easily make it at home on a pan by following some simple steps. It should be served fresh because it is made from Meda and can become very stretchy and hard to chew if not consumed instantly. This flatbread is very popular in the northern part of India and is enjoyed with literally every other curry. 

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* Puri

Puris are fried, golden and puffed Indian bread that is made by deep frying wheat flour mixed with salt ajwain and some vegetable oil. It is generally smaller in size than your regular roti as small pieces of dough are taken and rolled into a circular shape. The best companion for a Puri is chana masala, Aloo sabzi and mixed vegetables. A lot of people also enjoy eating Puri with Halwa and Kheer as the combination of salty and sweet is extremely delicious. This is a deep-fried Indian bread which is why it's not recommended on a daily basis, but only on special occasions.

All of these are some of the most delicious and popular Indian breads that are made in the country that you should know.