Chhattisgarh's Sweet Heritage: The 7 Best Desserts To Try
Image Credit: Unsplash

Every state has a unique selection of foods, particularly sweets. This article will discuss the traditional sweets of Chhattisgarh, a very distinctive state. Like residents in any other state, the people of Chhattisgarh take tremendous pleasure and affection in celebrating the many tastes. Since the state is mostly an agricultural one, wheat and rice are used to make a lot of sweets. Let us introduce you to some of the must-try native Chhattisgarh delicacies when you visit this underappreciated yet stunning state.


Anarsa is another popular dessert from the state. It is produced not just in Chhattisgarh but also in Maharashtra and Bihar, among other places. These small treats, which consist of soaked rice flour and jaggery, are topped with poppy seeds. It is also known as an Indian cookie made of rice.


Dehrori is a popular delicacy from the state that is composed entirely of rice. These rice discs, which are made of wet rice, are deep-fried till golden brown and then submerged in sugar syrup. This dish is ideal for experiencing the flavours of Chhattisgarh, whether you are in the state or wish to feel like you are.

Pooran Laddoo

Traditionally and creatively shaped like a laddoo, these sweets are prepared especially for Diwali. It starts by making bundi using gram flour, and then wheat flour and sugar syrup are used to produce laddoos. After the laddoos are cooked, they are dipped in sugar syrup. The hardest aspect is getting the bundi to stick to form the laddoos.


A well-known dessert from Raipur. It is prepared using flour, ghee, suji, and a variety of fried, hot-dried fruits. The best dessert if you're a lover of sweets is popular in many other states, including Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. It was created especially for celebrations like Holi. 


This is another well-known classic dessert, consisting of rice, sugar, and curd. Although it doesn't take much time to prepare, this dessert tastes excellent. This really straightforward dish is a state speciality during Diwali, and it's something that everyone should taste.

Lavang Latika

It is a Raipur speciality dish and is loved by all the locals. This dish is a festival favourite and is comprised of mawa, almonds, and a small bit of saffron wrapped in flour dough, cooked and then steeped in sugar syrup. The texture is what makes it so intriguing, as it feels both firm and soft at the same time.


A well-known delicacy Tilgur or Til Ke Laddoo, is formed by combining toasted sesame seeds with peanuts and jaggery. The mixture is well combined before being formed into laddoos, one of the state's most well-known delicacies. Tilgurs are required to be made at all state holidays and celebrations. The primary celebration for which people cook tilgur is Makar Sankranti.