Chhath Puja 2022: What Makes The Prasad Beneficial For Health?
Image Credit: Chhath Puja prasads

One of the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and some parts of Jharkhand with utmost joy and fervour, Chhath puja is usually a four-day celebration. The significance of this day lies in the fact that the worshippers express their thankfulness to the Sun god and his wife, for life on Earth and pray for continued blessings for the coming year. However, just like any Indian festival, this one too is incomplete without prasad. 

For the unversed, prasad is a holy offering that is made to the lord and then distributed among the devotees after the prayer rituals are over. During Chhath puja, several married women fast and certain special foods are prepared and offered to the sun god to appease them and express gratitude. These include both sweets and savouries. Interestingly, these prasads not only have a religious significance but also offer certain health benefits in the changing season. 

Here are some of the health benefits of the prasads offered during Chhath puja. 

1.    Dabh Lemon 

This is a special variety of indigenous lemon that is grown in these regions and served as prasad to the Chhath Mata. This lemon is bigger than the regular ones in size and is bright yellow on the outside, while the inside a dark red. It comes packed with several health benefits and keeps one away from diseases and infections like cold, cough etc. as it helps to boost immunity. 

2.    Thekua 

This sweet dish is an essential part of the prasad thali prepared during this festival. A deep-fried and crunchy sweet made with flour and jaggery, the latter is helpful during winters as it keeps the body warm and is a natural form of sugar. This delicacy is savoured as prasad and is packed with the goodness of health too. 

3.    Sugarcane 

Any Chhath puja celebration is incomplete without sugarcane. This crop is considered to be an auspicious offering to the Sun god as it is believed that the crop grows due to the light of the sun. It contains a lot of antioxidants and is good for building tooth enamel and strengthening teeth. It is also good for treating urinary tract infections. 

4.    Bananas

While the married women fast and appease to the lord, the festival holds children as a significant part of the celebrations too. That is why bananas are included in the prasad platter. This fibrous fruit comes with a lot of health benefits, particularly for children during the changing season and therefore, it forms a part of the prasad. It helps in prevent stomach-related ailments like acidity in children. 

5.    Coconut 

Yet another imperative element of Chhath puja’s prasad is coconut. While coconut is often broken at the beginning of something new and attracts good luck, it is also good for preventing cold and cough. Keeping flu and other infections at bay, coconut is a great addition to the healthy prasad for the festival.