Chef Vikram Shares Two Of Signature Asian Recipes
Image Credit: California Uramaki

The Market, an innovative restaurant that stays true to the luxurious haven’s Eat Well philosophy at The Westin Pune, is re-launching The Market as an evolved destination for Asian cuisine skillfully curated by Chef Vikram Khatri, Director of Culinary. The Market is opening its doors completely to the world of Asian gastronomy, in a space that has been designed for each live kitchen to have a unique identity and dining zone within the outlet itself. The conception of the initial thought was brought upon when Chef Vikram saw a surge in young diners who were looking out for healthy Asian Food options. He felt there was a void in the city that lacked a premium dining experience at an Asian speciality restaurant. With Chef Khatri’s travels through various Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand, and Singapore, he has had the privilege to learn the art of cooking traditional Asian delicacies. He brought back the craft and used his culinary skills to fusion the recipes with the modern demands of fresh and ‘Green’, bringing it together at the all-new The Market. The all-new outlet has evolved into a Signature Asian Restaurant serving distinct Asian courses. They have also introduced a new menu that comprises several dishes like two Way Beetroot & Seaweed salad, Mushroom Suimono soup, Tuna and Plump Avocado Tartare and Nigiri Sushi platter of Eel. Some of the signature dishes at The Market are the Mushroom Hotpot, Grilled Jumbo Prawns, and Grilled Black Cod which can be selected from the comfort mains section of the new menu. Ending the meal on a sweet note, they have Double texture Cheesecake made with Raspberry and Strawberry flavours served with Speculaas cookies and  Yuzu Pannacotta made with Vanilla Gelee with cracked macaron citrus elements. Commenting on the new additions, Chef Vikram, Director of Culinary, The Westin Pune says, “The Market is blessed with two live kitchens that give guests a lively experience to see their food being prepared with uttermost attention to procedures and details. We have also kept in mind the rise in preference for vegan items in mind to design the new menu. Pune-ites can now indulge in true Asian cuisine with authentic flavours, available at the all-new The Market.

Miso marinated black cod

California Uramaki

Preparation Time: 40 mins

Cooking Time: 20 mins


1. 2 Cups Sushi Rice(460 G), Cooked

2. ¼ Cup Seasoned Rice Vinegar(60 Ml)

3. 4 Half Sheets Sushi Grade Nori

4. 1 Teaspoon Sesame Seed, Optional

5. 8 Pieces Imitation Crab

6. 1 Small Cucumber, Cut into Matchsticks

7. 1 Avocado, Thinly Sliced

8. 50 gms Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)


1. Season the sushi rice with the rice vinegar, fanning and stirring until room temperature.

2. On a rolling mat, place one sheet of nori with the rough side facing upwards.

3. Wet your hands and grab a handful of rice and place it on the nori. Spread the rice evenly throughout the nori without mashing the rice down. Season rice with a pinch of sesame seeds, if using, then flip it over so the nori is facing upwards.

4. Arrange, in a horizontal row 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the bottom, the crab followed by a row of avocado and a row of cucumber.

5. Grabbing both nori and the mat, roll the mat over the filling so the extra space at the bottom touches the other side, squeezing down to make a nice tight roll. Squeeze down along the way to keep the roll from holding its shape.

6. Transfer the roll onto a cutting board. Rub a knife on a damp paper towel before slicing the roll into eight equal portions. Garnish with Flying Fish Roe

Miso Marinated Black Cod

Preparation Time: 40 mins

Cooking Time: 20 mins


1. 1/4 cup sake

2. 1/4 cup mirin

3. 1/4 cup white miso paste

4. 3 tablespoons granulated sugar

5. 4 (8-ounce) black cod fillets


1. 2 to 3 days beforehand, make the miso marinade and marinate the fish. 

- Bring the sake and mirin to a boil in a medium saucepan over high heat. Boil for 20 seconds to evaporate the alcohol. Turn the heat down to low, add the miso paste, and whisk.

- When the miso has dissolved completely, turn the heat up to high again and add the sugar, whisking constantly to ensure that the sugar doesn't burn on the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat once the sugar is fully dissolved.

- Cool to room temperature. Pat the black cod fillets thoroughly dry with paper towels. Slather the fish with the miso marinade and place in a non-reactive dish or bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap.

- Leave to marinate in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.

2. To cook the fish: 

- Preheat oven to 400°F. Heat an oven-proof skillet over high heat on the stovetop. Lightly wipe off any excess miso clinging to the fillets, but don't rinse it off.

- Film the pan with a little oil, then place the fish skin-side-up on the pan and cook until the bottom of the fish browns and blackens in spots, about 3 minutes. Flip and continue cooking until the other side is browned, 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer to the oven and bake for 5 to 10 minutes, until fish is opaque and flakes easily.

- Sautee Asparagus & Beans in Butter. Place the Sauteed Vegetable as a bed on a platter place the Cooked Black Cod and serve Hot.