Chef Vikas Khanna Is Now Also A Perfumer
Image Credit: Twitter

Who doesn’t know Vikas Khanna. The man who has given an elevated facelift to Indian cuisine across the globe has many roles up his sleeve. Chef Khanna who runs Indian fine-dining restaurant Kinara at JA Lake View Hotel in Dubai was single-handedly responsible for feeding millions of Indians during the pandemic. He single-handedly conceived and led the Feed India campaign during Covid-19 pandemic in April, 2020 and hence ‘Barkat’ (abundance) his latest book came into existence.

 And now this Michelin-starred Indian chef has added another role that too of a perfumer. Couple of says back the Made In India Perfume 'Vikas Khanna By Zighrana' From Kannauj was launched In New York. This perfume that was launched on Valentine’s Day comes from a small town of Uttar Pradesh's Kannauj.

 This 'Made in India' perfume seeks it’s inspiration from many Indian spices like nutmeg, sandalwood, cloves, cardamom, jasmine and more traditional scents. This gives Zighrana a very unique smell that will remind you of home. Developed Kannauj, country’s perfume capital this happens to be one of its kind perfumes that will bring India's traditional fragrance industry to the global stage. The brand feels honoured to have been associated with an renowned name like Vikas Khanna and to launch the Indian product in New York. The Consulate General of India, Randhir Jaiswal, sharing his thoughts with ANI said, "This is possibly the first time you have an Indian perfume from Kannauj that too at a time when we are celebrating India's 74 years of independence."

Chef has further tweeted that since me moved to US in 2000 “mission is to bring Indian Culture, Cuisine, Arts & history with me. I’m completely dedicated to choose projects that represent those values. Proud to bring the legacy of #Kannauj India’s perfume capital in form of #VikasKhannaByZighrana on Feb 14.” This is Zighrana’s “humble attempt to capture the essence of Incredible India”. Entrepreneur Swapnil Pathak Sharma from Zighrana perfumes is extremely happy with this collaboration as she feels this has given India’s perfume/ fragrance industry gets its due recognition.