Vikas Khanna Inaugurates Centre For Indian Cuisine Food Culture
Image Credit: Tejinder Singh Renu/X

The fact that Indian cuisine has unexplored depths and centuries of learning to uphold is well known by all, especially Indians. From regional Indian cuisines to ingredients and recipes that are becoming rarer by the day, there is a lot that those interested in the food and hospitality industries in India need to learn. To enable this learning process, Chef Vikas Khanna has inaugurated the Centre for Indian Cuisine and Food Culture at his alma mater, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE). 

The inauguration ceremony, which took place on October 3 at the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), witnessed the coming together of alumni like Chef Vikas Khanna, current teachers and students at MAHE. While on his way to the ceremony, Chef Vikas Khanna tweeted that he was glad to be a part of the future his alma mater was working towards. “This is very special & emotional for me to visit Krishna Temple Udipi, My College, Museum of Culinary Arts & inaugurate INDIAN CULINARY CENTER for preservation & celebration of Indian cuisine,” Chef Vikas Khanna wrote. “This will be the foundation of our next generation Michelin Star Chefs.” 

On the occasion of the inauguration, the Principal of WGSHA, Chef K Thirugnanasambantham explained that the centre’s mission will be to not only strengthen Indian cuisine’s position in the global culinary map, but also help students go beyond the stereotypical understanding of Indian cuisine and explore macro- and micro-cuisines within the country. “It seeks to create awareness on the profound relationship between Indian food, our history and our culture,” Chef K Thirugnanasambantham told the media at the event. 

“The centre will educate youth on the rich historical background of Indian cuisine, tracing its development over hundreds of years, exploring the science behind the use of fresh farm produce and the art of Indian cooking. Just as ITC Hotels have championed Indian cuisine through their signature restaurants, the centre will research and develop new recipes and expand our knowledge of Indian food,” he said. 

Chef K Thirugnanasambantham also added that Chef Vikas Khanna had already played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Culinary Museum at the WGSHA, so his dedication to the new centre’s mission is already well-established. Speaking at the launch, Chef Vikas Khanna said that this centre and its work “will belong to the entire nation. So my heart says that our future Michelin-starred chefs, our global ambassadors will come from this space. I invest in this, I believe in this, and I believe in this man [Chef K Thirugnanasambantham] and his team.