Jamun- This little powerhouse fruit, that’s also sees a dose of childhood nostalgia, has been crushed in the race of fancy fruits available in the market. This miracle fruit finds its place in ancient and mythological India.

As one drives through Delhi’s grand Rajpath, there lies canopies of trees on both sides giving shade to all the passer-by. Ever wondered what trees are those? Those green luscious trees are of Jamun- the Indian Black Plum also referred as Malabar plum, Java plum. This purple little humble fruit having that delightful astringency finds its mention in ancient Sanskrit medical scriptures by Charaka, Susruta and even in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties.

Locals markets during summer see a spill over of this fruit and one cannot deny that having it with a dash of salt works best but when it comes to tickling the new age taste buds, Chef Vardaan currently the chef partner at Cold Love and along with managing the kitchen operations at Rooh New Delhi as their Executive chef adds “'Jamun Granita' tastes like childhood nostalgia! This recipe is inspired by the memories of relishing roadside jamun with salt, chili & lemon; after school. Celebrating jamuns with an unconventional cocktail recipe, 'Indian 75'  is my take on the classic cocktail 'French 75'. The astringent flavour of the jamun is a perfect match, taking this cocktail to a delightful level for the monsoon season!

Chilli Jamun Granita

    1kg  jamun deseeded and pureed

    1/3 cup sugar

    1 cup water

    1 Tbsp lemon juice

    1 green chilli

    1/2 Tsp salt


    Add all the ingredients in a blender and pulse it several times.

    Transfer the mixture into a container or a baking dish and place it in the freezer.

    Once the mixture begins to freeze (approx after 40 minutes); stir the ice crystals formed using a fork. Freeze this again for another 40 minutes and repeat the process twice.

    You'll end up with dry crystals. Garnish it with a lemon wedge and serve them in a chilled glass/ kulhad.

Indian 75

    5-6 Jamun

    Indian sweet basil

    15ml Lime juice 

    15ml coconut syrup

    30ml lychee juice 

    45ml gin

    60ml Sparkling wine 


    In a cocktail shaker add jamun, Indian sweet basil and muddle this with love. 

    To this add the lime juice, coconut syrup , lychee juice and gin. Give it a nice shake 

    Strain this in a champagne glass, add 2 ice cubes and top up with sparkling wine. Cheers!