Chef Souvik Ray Shares His Fruit Mince Pie Recipe For New Years
Image Credit: Fruit Mince Pie

It’s the holiday season and who doesn’t love to see their tables full tables full of all things good. One such dish that whole family can sit, merry and eat is fruit mince pie one of the most common sweet pie dish that is native to Australia and New Zealand. The pies have traditionally been holiday staple and same can be traced back to the 13th century. It was when the European crusaders who were returning home brought back the spices from Middle Eastern recipes containing meats, fruits, and spices. Traditionally pie’s are shaped in an oblong shape, to resemble a manger 

The crumbly, sweet, traditional mince pie has been recreated at Café Noir, one of the most aesthetically pleasing space, serving a range of exquisite delicacies also sees an elaborate menu this New Year. Chef Souvik Ray, Executive Chef has shared his favourite Mince Pie recipe for our food connoisseurs.

No of portion – 12, Prep time – 45 minutes, Baking time – 20 min  

Pre time (soaking dry fruits) – 24 hour,  Baking temperature – 180  Celsius             Recipe 


    230 gms Butter  

    380 gms All-purpose refined flour 

    115gms Icing sugar 

    2 no Egg- 

    75 gms Golden raisin 

    75 gms Black raisin

    75 gms Dry orange peel

    75 gms Tutti frutti

    75 gms Cherry

    75 gms Broken cashew nut 

    800 gms Red apple 

    105 gms Brown suga 

    3 gms Nutmeg powder

    3 gms Cinnamon powder 

    120 ml Dark rum 

    120 ml Brandy

    120 ml Whisky 


Take a container place all the dry fruits & nuts in that , add dark rum , brandy , whisky , keep it in a chiller overnight  for soaking the fruits & nuts with the alcohol .

    Keep the butter in ambience temperature to make it soft, then mix the butter & icing sugar in creaming method on the tabletop , keep it separately . sieve the refined flour, mix with the butter mixture, form a dough keep it in chiller to set.

    After 30 min, take out the dough divide in 70-80 gms dough bolls, roll them with a rolling pin with medium thickness , then place them in the tart mould , keep a side 

    Wash & peel the skin of the red apple then cut in small cubes , add the  apples to the overnight soaked frits , add nutmeg & cinnamon powder mix them well , put them inside the dough mould , put a top covering dough with the same dough  . bake the them in pre heated oven at 180 Celsius temperature for 20-25 min to get a golden colour, serve them warm, Goes well with vanilla ice cream